Using the onX Hunt App in Canada

onX is excited to announce that the Hunt App is now available in Canada. All core Hunt App tools have now been combined with mapping layers specifically for Canada. Currently, available maps include Aerial, Hybrid, and Lands data showing lands held by government, tribal, province, and other government agencies. You can also use hunt-specific layers including unit boundaries, crop distribution, historic wildfires, and many others. Key features such as Tracker, Waypoints, and Offline Maps turn your phone into a GPS for use off the grid.    

Canada layers are available as part of the onX Elite membership, which includes maps for all of the U.S. and Canada, along with exclusive pricing on products and services handpicked by the onX team.   

Use the onX Hunt App in Canada
Turn Your Phone Into a Handheld GPS.

Canada Mapping Layers

Current maps available for Canada in the onX Hunt App.

Land Data

Use lands data to view lands held by government, tribal, province, parks, etc., as well as private lands (without landowner names). Learn More

Crop Distribution

Crop Data shows the past season’s crop information, and helps you scout hunting land more quickly by providing unique food source information for many species. Learn More

Hunting Units

Make sure you are in the right unit for your hunt.

Parcel Lines

Nationwide coverage for parcel lines (where available) without landowner names. Learn More

Historic Wildfires

Historic Wildfire shows burned areas from forest fires. Red shades highlight recent burn areas having the newest regrowth. Learn More

Special Hunting Layers

Currently includes outfitting areas, AB and BC special draws, and SK furblock units. Learn More

GPS Tools

  • Location – Your current physical location is marked with a blue dot on the map, and your elevation, latitude and longitude are displayed- even outside the cell network. Learn more about finding your location.
  • Waypoints – Mark any location on the map with a waypoint, or mark your current location quickly with a few taps of your finger. The “Go-To” Waypoint tool draws a straight line on the map from where you are to the location of the waypoint, making backcountry navigation a breeze. You can even share waypoints with your friends to coordinate your hunt. Learn more about waypoint features.
  • Lines and Shapes – Measure the distance from one map feature to another with the Line Tool, or measure out an entire area with the Area Shape Tool. Learn more about measuring with lines and shapes.
  • Tracker – record your exact path as you travel and save it on your map for future reference. Learn more about using the tracker.

Off-Grid Maps

As we all know, cell coverage can get pretty spotty in the backcountry, so the ability to save maps onto your mobile device for use outside the cell network is crucial. The onX Hunt App comes with a built-in system for saving map data onto your device so you never have to worry whether or not you’ll have coverage in the area you plan to hunt. Learn more about using Off-Grid maps.

Satellite Imagery

One of the most useful resources for planning any hunt is detailed satellite imagery. onX Hunt offers world-wide satellite imagery, acquired from a number of different sources, and it can be saved right onto your phone so you can view it without any cell or Wi-Fi connection. With onX on Desktop, you can even view satellite imagery on your home computer so you won’t have to do all your scouting on your phone’s small screen.

Satellite Imagery in Canada

Hunting is a big part of American and Canadian culture, and as we continue to work on expanding into Canada we’ll keep in mind the factors that make Canadian hunting unique. No matter where your adventure takes you, always know where you stand with onX Hunt.

Basemaps for Hunters: Topographic, 3D, and Beyond

Satellite, Hybrid, and Topo Basemaps

onX Hunt provides three types of Basemaps, helping hunters understand the landscape and how to move through it. Satellite shows aerial imagery of terrain. Topographic gives a two-dimensional representation of Earth’s three-dimensional landscape. Hybrid is the perfect blend of Satellite and Topo, combining all of the advantages of topographic maps and aerial imagery to provide hunters with the most comprehensive look at the land.

Download Offline Maps

  • View previously downloaded maps and Layers without cell service
  • Choose to save maps in different resolutions
  • Use your phone as a GPS

Navigation Tools: Tracker and Compass

Compass in the Hunt App

Use the compass right in the onX Hunt App to find your location and orient yourself. Give the Location Button on the bottom right corner of the App one tap to center the map on your current physical location, tap twice to rotate the map in the direction you’re facing, and tap three times to rotate the map back to a north-up orientation.

Use Tracker to Mark Your Trail

The Tracker feature allows you to record your path as you travel and saves it on your map, taking the guesswork out of backtracking so you can have the confidence to explore the unknown. You’ll also see the time the trip took, as well as distance and average speed. This data is saved along with the Track and can be viewed in the My Content menu.

Written by Ryan Curtis