About Us

Born in Montana.

No secret handshakes. No gimmicks. Rather, the collective expertise of generations crafting an indispensable tool, and outdoor’s future.

Our Story

Driving west in Montana is an adventure of changing landscapes. The scenery shifts from vast, amber plains of sagebrush into thick forests and mountains. Rivers weave through valleys and elk and deer feed in hay fields.

Hunting entails hiking steep hills, glassing for antlers through trees and navigating private ranch land. This was the alien world onX founder Eric Siegfried found himself in. He thrived in the eastern sagebrush, but learning this landscape was a new challenge.

Siegfried rose to the challenge by loading public land data onto his GPS. He instantly recognized the importance of accurate location data for explorers and hunters alike. The invention of the onX Chip, in 2009, was the reward of his work and desire and propelled onX as the first land data company of its kind. In 2013 his fledgeling company advanced even further with the advent of the Hunt App, which took the outdoor tech industry to new levels by giving everyone comprehensive maps.

We exist to...


keep you out all night on lonely hillsides, listening for bugles underneath a bed of stars, with the exact route back to camp in the palm of your hand.


keep you confident and focused on the culmination of a great hunt, instead of worrying where property lines are.


innovate and focus on data accuracy, while using customer needs and hopes as the standard by which all future technology will be developed.


represent and uphold the traditions of all outdoor recreation and keep it alive and flourishing, by helping more people find their own, personal escape into the wilds.

onX supports your public access

As a company that prides itself on providing a means to access public land across the country, onXmaps is adamantly opposed to any transfer, sale, or other action which would jeopardize the public’s opportunity to experience these lands. In that spirit, we firmly oppose any action that would transfer or sell federally-controlled lands.

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