We did it, thanks to you. 

We’ve helped open or secure access to 154,688 acres of land and 255 miles of trails.

Together with our partners and customers, we helped fund the lands and experiences we all cherish. And now, we keep going.

onX Access & Stewardship Grants

By 2023, onX had a goal to help secure or improve public access to 150,000 acres, and to help restore, secure, or build 150 miles of trails. Since 2018, we’ve reached 154,000 acres of improved access and 255 miles of new or improved trails.

See if your favorite nonprofit should apply. Learn more about the guidelines below.

Completed Access and Stewardship Projects

Browse the projects in the map below to learn about some of the projects we’ve supported.

We believe that everyone should have access to nature, and that when people feel connected to the land, they are more likely to protect it. Publicly accessible land plays a critical role in equalizing everyone’s access to outdoor recreation, and that’s why we’ve made a commitment to help protect public access to the outdoor recreation that exists, and advocate for more, for everyone. 

Access and Stewardship Stories

Stories about the people, programs, and partnerships working hard to secure and preserve outdoor recreation.

Access and Stewardship Resources

Learn more about the challenges and solutions of securing access and stewarding our public lands.

Private Land, Public Access

Sixty percent of the land in the U.S. is privately owned, but millions of acres of private land around the country are open to hunters each year—all thanks to state programs and landowners who prioritize conservation and public access. Read our report to learn how much land is opened each year and what it takes for these programs to be successful.

The State of Outdoor Stewardship

At onX we believe that everyone should have access to nature, but we also realize that increased recreation means additional pressure on our public lands. And while most of us see the importance in stewardship, there’s a gap between the increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts and the percentage of those who give back to the lands that fuel their activities. Read the report to learn how we can encourage more outdoor stewardship and help preserve our access to the outdoors for the future.

Corner Crossing

We wanted to get the hard facts on corner-crossing, so we dove into the data. Read the report to learn how much land is involved, the concerns of affected property owners, and what can be done to address this complicated issue.

The Ultimate Guide to State Trust Lands

You may have public land at your fingertips you didn’t know about. Twenty states have state trust land (a.k.a. school land), and every one of those states has different access and activity rules, so we made it easy to look up which states allow hunting, off-roading, and backcountry activities so you can spend more time outside and less time on the internet.

Landlocked Reports

We worked with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership to quantify the number of acres of public land that are landlocked, and therefore inaccessible to the public, and shared this information with land management agencies and policy makers.

An Offroader’s Guide to Hosting A Cleanup Event

The team at onX Offroad partnered up with the Public Lands Stewards of Bend to create this step-by-step guide to a safe, organized, and successful day. We hope this takes the wondering out of planning, so you can focus on getting it done.

onX Celebrates Public Lands

No matter if you’re just discovering public lands, or have spent your entire life enjoying them, join onX in giving back to our shared ground.