Map Tools

Understand the landscape and plan your hunts with confidence using this extensive suite of Elite-exclusive Map Tools.

Nationwide Hunting Maps

An onX Hunt Elite Membership provides detailed maps for all 50 states and Canada. View proprietary Basemanps, property lines and landowner information, Wind & Weather, Offline Maps for use without cell service, hundreds of state-specific layers, and much more.


Use TerrainX, a unique tool developed by onX, to view slope angles, slope aspects, elevation patterns, and more to plan your hunts and put yourself in the right place at the right time.

Leaf Off Imagery

With Leaf-Off Imagery, see through the canopy and understand the lay of the land. From water sources to game trails, Leaf-Off Imagery puts you in the game.

Available States: PA, NC, AR, VA, VT, NJ, NH, MA, OH, NY, TN, WI, KS

Coming Soon: MS, MO, KY, WV

Recent Imagery

onX Hunt’s Recent Imagery provides “unparalleled visibility” according to Time magazine’s Best Inventions of 2023. View on-the-ground conditions, updated every two weeks, to check snow cover, water levels, and more to plan your hunts with confidence.

Route Builder

Finding an enticing spot on the map and actually getting there are two very different things. Use RouteBuilder to create routes that snap to existing roads and trails, then save them for reference once you’re on the ground.

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