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2021 Feature Films

This fall, we’re proud to share feature films from some of the best hunters in the world, including Steven Drake, Shawn Luchtel, and Tim Burnett. Start your season with Jason Matzinger and his new film, Project Landlocked.


Anticipation. Action. Adventure.

From Opening Day traditions in Wisconsin to stalking mule deer in the Badlands, and from an elk hunt on landlocked land to the life-changing passion of two new hunters, our 2021 Feature Film Series will remind you, again, how hunting connects us to the land, its animals, and to each other. Get inspired, and get out there.

Mentor, from SOLO HNTR

Duration: 18:16
Every new species of game provides new challenges. Decades ago Tim Burnett had a Mentor to help him get started chasing Mule Deer in Nevada. Tim reminisces about this journey, returns to a familiar haunt for an early season archery hunt, and shares some of his hard-earned insights with you to aid in your success this fall.

#Project​Landlocked, from Jason Matzinger

Duration: 38:08
In 22 states, there are 16.43 million acres of public land that are inaccessible to the general public. As more and more people are forced into smaller areas to recreate, and trails and forests are under more pressure, public land is more valuable than ever before. #PROJECTLANDLOCKED seeks to bring this subject to light through bowhunting elk out West and exploring solutions for the future of a problem that is surely going to get worse before it gets better.

A Change of Pace, A Heartland Bowhunter production

Duration: 15:26
Shawn Luchtel of Heartland Bowhunter heads west to chase Mule Deer in North Dakota with no knowledge of the area outside of the digital scouting he’s done from home. As is often the case on destination do-it-yourself hunts, Shawn struggles for his first few days in the Badlands. With some persistence and strategy in breaking down new terrain, he eventually makes good on his coveted North Dakota Any Deer Tag.

Anyone’s Hunt: Colorado Elk, Ep. 1, from Steven Drake

Duration: 7:53
An elk hunt is an experience most hunters dream of. Steven Drake breaks down how you can make this hunt a reality on a budget. Featuring Connor Gabbott, Jordan Gill, and Nick Marchiando, the team documents their experience from planning and preparation to the Colorado-based hunt itself, showing just how within reach a do-it-yourself elk hunt can be.

Opening Day: A Tradition

Duration: 6:09
There are few traditions that run as strong as Opening Day of deer season in many rural communities across the nation. Wisconsin in particular has a tradition that runs deep, all gathering in anticipation of daylight on the third Saturday in November.

Barriers, from Muddy Shutter

Duration: 9:39
Wade Truong and Rachel Owen, both adult onset hunters, detail how sourcing their own food through hunting has become a centerpiece of their lives.
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