Important Announcement Regarding the onX Hunt GPS Chip

What is happening with the onX Hunt Chip?

When onX was founded, smartphones were not capable of providing the experience we wanted for our customers. As a result, GPS handhelds were more prevalent in the hunting space. Now, phone technology provides a vastly superior experience and is where we are investing our time to innovate and provide world class features for hunters. Because of the innovation in smartphone technology,  the onX Hunt Chip will be going away in 2022. Effective immediately, 29 of the 50 U.S. states will no longer be available. The final 21 states will still be available for purchase through Dec 31, 2022. As for new map data updates, we will update Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado in 2022.  All the remaining states still available for purchase received their final update in 2021.

Why is the Hunt Chip going away?

As time has passed, technologies on which our chip depends, such as handheld GPS units, have made changes that make our chip non-compatible. With the fantastic experience that the Hunt App offers, to release a product that has this limitation does not give our customers the experience that we strive to provide.

What can I use for maps in the field going forward?

We believe the onX Hunt App offers a far more comprehensive solution for hunters than the Chip. With the Hunt App, you’ll see the following benefits:

  • Access from your Apple or Android phone.
  • Hunt-specific layers not available in the chip, including Historic Wildfires, Crop and Tree Data, and Roadless Layers.
  • A larger, more detailed screen.
  • Offline Maps for use when cell service is not available.
  • Multiple Basemaps: Aerial, Topo, Hybrid, and 3D.
  • Access across multiple devices—your data syncs between your phone, tablet, and desktop computer.

Can I update my chip going forward?

Chips can still be updated to their most recent version in the same manner that they have been. You can click HERE to select your state and see if your chip has an available update. The top three most used chips (MT, WY, and CO) will receive one more data update in 2022.  All others are in their final version.

What happens if I have an issue with my chip?

We will continue to provide support for the Hunt Chip throughout 2023. For troubleshooting, you can click HERE to see the steps you can take to address any  problems you may experience.