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What is the CWD Layer?

onX teamed up with the National Deer Association to bring you up-to-date info on Chronic Wasting Disease distribution, regulated zones, as well as CWD sampling sites and disposal locations. Use these layers to ensure you are following the rules and regulations in place to help stop the spread of CWD.

onX Hunt CWD Layers and Resources

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a neurodegenerative disease that results in abnormal behavior, loss of body condition, and eventually death. CWD is 100% fatal and is found in most species of the deer family (cervids), including whitetail and mule deer, elk, and moose. onX and the National Deer Association (NDA) worked together to provide the first nationwide database of CWD information for hunters. These new layers in the onX Hunt App can be used to visualize CWD Distribution, Management Zones, Surveillance Areas, Testing Locations, and Carcass Disposal Sites across the entire country. This information, along with relevant links to all state CWD resources and regulations, will help empower you to fight CWD and become part of the solution.

CWD Sampling Locations and Carcass Disposal Sites

Getting your harvest tested is paramount in helping gain a deeper understanding of where CWD exists and at what capacity. We’ve gathered more than 1,000 sample site locations across the twelve states that have them available as a layer within the Hunt App. Utilize this layer and follow your local regulations to help stop the spread of CWD.

CWD Zones

Keeping track of CWD regulations, especially when traveling to hunt, can be difficult. We’ve simplified the process by adding these zones as a nationwide layer within the Hunt App. Simply query any zone to quickly find the regulations on carcass restrictions.

CWD Distribution

Working with NDA, we gathered data from across the country to highlight each county that has had a CWD-positive cervid. This map can be used for general awareness on CWD, areas to potentially avoid on trips, and as a resource to help bring light to the hundreds of counties that already have the disease in cervid populations.

Finding CWD data pertinent to your specific hunt can be difficult. Working with the NDA, we’ve compiled these sources and provided links to them when you query a CWD Zone, Testing Site, or Disposal Location to give you more information and aid you in following all the rules and regulations in place for CWD.

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Adding CWD – Chronic Wasting Disease Layer

Head to your Layer Library
Locate the CWD – Chronic Wasting Disease Folder and Add CWD Zones and Locations and CWD Positive Counties
These Layers will now be in your My Layers Tab and will automatically be turned on
Tap on these layers to find more information as well as find links to individual states rules and regulations


What is Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)?

CWD is a disease found in most species of deer (mule and white-tailed deer, elk, and moose). It is 100% fatal, and no vaccine or cure has yet been discovered.

Where does the data for the CWD map come from? 

Our county-level CWD data comes straight from the experts at the National Deer Association (NDA).

How do I know where CWD is present while using the Chronic Wasting Disease Layer?

Counties where CWD has been detected in deer will be shaded in red when the CWD Layer is turned on.

Where can I learn more about Chronic Wasting Disease in deer?

Our partners at NDA provide extensive information on CWD. There is a lot we don’t know yet, but there are many facts that deer hunters should keep in mind.

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