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Whether you’re comparing hunting apps or simply interested in learning more about onX Hunt, here’s a list of online reviews that will let you know what to expect from our product, our support services and our brand.

onX Hunt Ratings

App Store: 4.6 of 5 stars based on 6.8K reviews

Google Play: 4.3 of 5 stars based on 10.1K reviews

Facebook: 4.4 of 5 stars based on 888 reviews

onX Hunt Reviews

Most Useful App I Have

I was hesitant to try this app after some other ones came up very short, but after a few friends recommended it I tried the free trial. I was hooked the first time I used it! For once there is an app that actually does what it advertises. Just today it was well worth the yearly subscription, I had hiked about 7 miles into the woods along a game trail and it was getting very hot and I was very tired, I decided to open OnX to see how much further I had to go if I stayed on the trail to intersect the road, when I opened the app I saw that I had just started paralleling the road but the intersection was another two miles away, but as the crow flies I was only a half mile from the road, so I just hiked the half mile and was back on the road I had parked on saving me probably a couple hours. Also customer support is great! I was having an issue with the app when off grid sometimes, I emailed them about it and they responded quickly stating they were aware of the issue and it had already been fixed in the update that got released that same day, I updated the app and it has been flawless ever since! Best app ever.

Anonymous User, App Store, September, 2018

Google Play User

For the outdoorsmen is perfect. As it state leaves you know where you are and what’s around you. Property lines are accurate, set waypoints make life easy no second guessing.

November 2018

Google My Business Review

Customer service is top notch, truly above and beyond. I recommend this app, and chip for GPS to EVERYONE! Get it. If you have any questions or concerns even comments call them. Hands down best customer service of ANY company I have called in years (and I work call center customer service)!!!

April 2018

Best App I Have Ever Used

This is my first review. Ever. I have been using OnX Hunt for a few years now. I cannot stop recommending this app to everyone I talk hunting with. I mark everything. Trails, tracks, rubs, scrapes, roosts, kills, sightings, tree stands, blinds, trail cameras…. everything. At first I used it to keep inventory of my gear and where it was left. Now I share a few hunting spots and hunt some friends ground as well. They are now able to see where the trail cameras, stands and blinds are and can hang theirs accordingly. If I need or want them to check a cam? No problem. I can show them exactly where it is. From satellite and topo maps I am able to scout a lot from the air before I ever step foot on the property. And having landowner info is AWESOME when bow season is over and we change gears and start predator hunting. I measure, figure areas, scout, drop waypoints for everything. Best. App. Period. I will continue to pay for this app and will continue to recommend it to anyone that truly takes their hunting seriously. Thank you for creating an app that is, in my opinion, one of the best tools a hunter can have in his pocket.

Anonymous User, App Store, October 2017

Google Play User

Great as a sole app or use in addition to your gps. I can plan my hunts and trip from the house, on the road, or in the woods. I use it to find property owners to hunt down permissions as well as to purchase. I can now know for sure where I am and who owns it. Anyone whom venture beyond the beaten path should install. It even works in towns and cities. The numerous tools are absolutely great. Land area, distance, etc.

November 2018

Google My Business Review

Great maps and easy offline use. OnX was key in harvesting 3 Arizona bulls for our group on a hunt near the reservation line. We stayed on legal ground and had a great hunt. Thank you OnX! I upgraded memberships immediately.

November 2017

Great Hunting App!

I have used this app for the past two years on multiple hunts, in multiple states. Not only has it been great for learning boundaries and a good overall picture of my various hunting areas, it’s also great for the areas that I’ve hunt for years. OnXMaps is useful for everything from planning my hunts to using it in the field. The tracking feature has worked great, pin pointing waypoints and marking my location have been super valuable. Even the off-grid maps without internet work great. Before this app there were questions as to where property boundaries were. This has made that much more clear and makes hunting new areas more comfortable. They are constantly adding new features and improving on existing ones. The guys in customer service have always responded quickly with helpful information. Great app! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous User, App Store, October, 2018

Google Play User

I have used the program for search and rescue and it is very good in detail witch helps find the ones that are lost because you can get them to tell you what they see around them then you can zoom in on them with in about a 100 yards. I do use it for my own hunting trips in Ky. To find my deer stands as soon as I can I’m getting the full version. The app I’ve used if you hunt, fish or hike this is the app for you.

October 2018

Google My Business Review

The customer support that i have received from these guys is unbelievable. You can submit a question and its answered right away. All my future maps will come from Hunting GPS Maps because of the quality of the product and the service. Thank you Hunting GPS Maps for renewing my faith in today’s businesses.

November 2015