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Own Your Odds This Application Season

Applying for big game tags out West is a complex, time-consuming, and sometimes intimidating process. Whether you grew up hunting the West or have always dreamed of coming out for the hunt of a lifetime, application season can seem like a maze of data, math, and annoyingly-complex projects.

To maximize your time and simplify the process, we’re excited to unite our new in-house tool onX Hunt Research Tools with the combined expertise of two industry leaders: Huntin’ Fool and HuntReminder. Teamed together, these three tools give you the complete package for planning, researching, and remembering to apply for your Western hunts this year. And it’s FREE for onX Hunt Members.


With the help of our partners at Huntin’ Fool and HuntReminder, teamed with our new onX Hunt Research Tools, doing the groundwork for Application Season is easier than ever before. As an onX Hunt Elite Member you get FREE access to Huntin’ Fool’s individualized assistance as well as access to countless hours of in-depth, in-the-field knowledge acquired by the Huntin’ Fool community each season.

onX Hunt Research Tools helps provide a personalized experience catering to your specific draw odds for each state. Once you set up your profile and punch in the hunt you want to apply for in 12 Western states (more to come in the future), we do the work to find the best possible outcome for you to successfully draw a tag. Dive into how the unit appears on the map and what previous harvest rates look like, so you can form a plan to punch that tag.


You can’t draw a tag if you forget to apply. HuntReminder is a simple, effective service designed to help hunters set text message and email reminders to apply for their chosen tags. If you tend to procrastinate on your applications until the final minute or need help keeping track of the different tags you need to apply for, HuntReminder is a critical tool to round out your application season strategy.


You drew the tag… now the next stage begins. Before you go on the hunt, utilize some of the best Elite-only features to prepare for success in the field. From pro deals of many top brands, Imagery on Demand of where your hunt will take place, and live updated imagery so you can see your hunting unit before you go, and so much more, onX Hunt Elite helps set you up for success.

Select a State

From game management units in Alaska to deer zones in Florida, onX has gathered a complete list of species districts, management units and hunting zones in every state. Whether you’re exploring a new hunting area or checking the boundaries of a species-specific district, you can scout, plan and hunt with confidence knowing onX has the most detailed land data available. Click a state to dive into its hunting details.

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