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You can’t draw a tag if you forget to apply for one. HuntReminder is a simple, effective service designed to help hunters set text message and email reminders to apply for tags they’d like to draw. Set worry-free reminders for all the hunts you want to apply for and never miss an application deadline again.

hunting application reminders

Set Intuitive Reminders

HuntReminder lets you set text message and email reminders for as many applications as you like. You will receive a reminder to apply when:

  • The application period for the season/species opens
  • One week before it closes
  • 24 hours before it closes 
  • Note: each reminder will include a direct link to the state/species page for you to begin applying.

Filter by State or by Species

HuntReminder provides the ability to either filter by one state and view all the available hunts to apply for in that state or look at a particular species and all the different states you can apply to hunt that species in. This is a great way to give the full picture on hunts you can apply for.


Search Nationwide and Find Hunts You Never Knew Were There

HuntReminder covers more than 830+ tag applications across 48 species in all 50 states + Canada. With HuntReminder, you’ll see:

  • 65+ elk application periods
  • 70+ mule deer application periods
  • 45+ pronghorn application periods
  • 160+ whitetail application periods
  • 95+ turkey application periods

And that’s just for the species everyone looks at! Dive in to learn more about waterfowl, upland game, exotics, and more.

How To Use HuntReminder

Duration – 06:44

Click here to see onX’s Matt S. walk through his tips and tricks for using HuntReminder.


Matt S. – onX Hunt Member

“I find HuntReminder to be a valuable tool for finding and applying for tags. As a hunter who targets a wide range of species—from elk and antelope to swans and sage grouse—the ability to know which states have a draw system for each species allows me to discover new hunting opportunities. Once I find a hunt I’m interested in, the ability to get text messages and emails as deadlines come up ensures I never miss an application. It’s simple to use, and helps me hunt more: that’s a winning combination.”

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