Ready for a New Mapping Experience?

Get ready to view and analyze places to hunt like never before. Through maps with more detail, or recency, or with brand new perspectives, you’ll be able to paint the most detailed picture of any landscape so when you put boots on the ground you’ll know exactly where you’ll want to stand. And what’s the best part about these new and updated features?

You can do all this planning from the comfort of anywhere

Check out the suite of new and updated aerial and terrain analysis features onX Hunt has built just for you.

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Every tool, every feature, every perspective, only with Elite.


Perspective From Another Dimension

Elite onX Members can use TerrainX with onX on Desktop (not yet available for mobile). It provides never-before-seen perspectives of the landscape—with viewsheds, slope aspect, slope angles, and highlighted elevation bands. 

TerrainX helps you discover and mark areas that serve specific needs for your hunt, identify glassing areas, and visualize what you can see from any given location. Use it to find benches, bedding and feeding areas, and break down the terrain to pinpoint the habitats that deserve a closer look in the field. How it works.

Recent Imagery

Look Back, Plan Ahead

Recent Imagery gives you the insight of comparing what lands look like now versus before. With medium-resolution (5-meter) maps available for every two weeks prior (currently back to March 2023) you can track changes over time. 

Use Recent Imagery to monitor changing snow lines, thawing bodies of water, field cuts, timber thinning, wildfires or prescribed burns, and much more. With this understanding you’ll be able to better predict how wildlife might be responding to these changes. How it works.

Leaf Off Imagery

See the Forest Without the Trees

With unmatched quality and incredibly high resolution (30-50 cm) you can now view landscapes with Leaf-Off Imagery in 11 U.S states with additional states coming soon. This gives you the valuable perspective of seeing your favorite hunt area without the interference of foliage and undergrowth. 

Available in the following states: PA, NC, AR, VA, VT, NJ, NH, MA, OH, NY, TN, WI, KS

Coming soon: MS, MO, KY, WV

iOS 3D

Because it’s a 3D World

We have unleashed our powerful 3D Maps in the Hunt App for every Member on iOS. You can now visualize and orient yourself more accurately while in the field. No more wishing you could know what an ascent will look like. With 3D Maps for iOS you can see elevation the way it was meant to be seen. New to 3D Maps? Check out this video tutorial for using them on onX for Desktop.

*3D Elevation Exaggeration coming to mobile soon.

Base Imagery

Remarkably Detailed

We’ve made the best maps even better by improving the resolution of Basemaps for every onX Hunt Member. 

Our Satellite Basemaps are now showing rich detail at 30-50 cm per pixel resolution in the Hunt App and through onX for Desktop, and they can even be downloaded as Offline Maps

Using Basemaps along with any of our Layers, such as Historic Wildfire or Timber Cuts, you will be able to familiarize yourself with any area, from anywhere. All Basemaps are updated every 1-4 years.

Improved Topo (Coming Soon)

Incredible Contours

Most people see topo lines on a map and know it means elevation changes. Now every onX Hunt Member has a more accurate representation of terrain changes with our updated Topo Basemaps. 

We’re adding more resolution lines to our topographic maps so you can better read and navigate the landscape. Currently, our major lines are at 200-foot intervals, with minor lines every 40 feet. We expect to improve that to 25-foot major lines and 5-foot minor lines. Learn how to read a topo map.


Why should I pay to order an IOD image when I can see recent imagery for free?

An Image on Demand has higher resolution than the Recent Imagery offers. An IOD has a 1-meter per pixel resolution, while Recent Imagery is 5-meters per pixel. Additionally, an Image on Demand will be the most recent image of an area available; whereas a Recent Imagery depiction is around two weeks old, and older.

What can I access with my Premium, Premium Two-State, or Elite Membership:

The new and updated Elite-only Member features include TerrainX, Recent Imagery, Image on Demand, and Leaf Off. Premium, Premium Two-State, and Elite Members can view 3D maps on Desktop and iOS (Android coming soon). All onX Hunt Members can access the higher-resolution Basemaps and improved Topo maps.

unlock everything with elite
Every tool, every feature, every perspective, only with Elite.