onX Hunt for Desktop

onX Hunt on Desktop

onX Hunt on Desktop gives hunters the ultimate Web Map platform for e-scouting, surveying topography in both 2D and 3D, and formulating a game plan for upcoming hunts or land management projects. Drop new Map Markups such as Waypoints, use the Area Shape Tool to determine your food plot size, and analyze past years’ Tracks and Waypoints, all from the comfort of your computer’s large screen.

onX Hunt on desktop
scouting with onX hunt on desktop

How to Use onX on Desktop To Your Advantage

Using onX Hunt on your desktop is intuitive and easy. The ultimate e-scouting tool, the desktop Web Map makes viewing maps on your computer easy, letting you take in the “big picture” of the landscape and formulate a plan for success in the field. Toggle between all three onX Basemaps (Topo, Aerial, and Hybrid) and explore our new 3D maps on the big screen. 

It’s easy to turn your various Map Layers (public and private land boundaries, hunting units, and more) off and on. The desktop version of onX is also perfect for viewing your various Map Markups (Waypoints, Tracks, and more) and then sharing them with fellow hunters. As long as you’re on Wi-Fi, any changes you make to your maps or Markups on the desktop version of onX will automatically sync to your phone.

e-scouting with onx hunt
onx hunt desktop escouting


The ability to effectively scout terrain and map land features online—before ever setting boots on the ground at a given location—has changed the way we hunt. onX on Desktop provides a broad-sweeping view of your Map Markups and the topography, then allows you to dive into the details from the comfort of a computer screen. Toggle to 3D view for a thorough look at the landscape as you formulate your hunt plans.


As you plan your hunts using onX on Desktop, get the lay of the land by toggling Layers off and on (Hunt, Water, State, and other Layers are available in the “Map Layers” section) and get a bird-eye view of your various Map Markups. The desktop version of onX is also the perfect place to save your Offline Maps; create a new Offline Map and then ensure both your computer and phone are on Wi-Fi so the map can sync to your phone.

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onx hunt waypoints

Setting Waypoints

The larger view provided by onX on Desktop is the perfect place to drop Waypoints in areas you may be interested in scouting or exploring in greater depth once you’re physically at the location. Mark wallows or waterways of interest, then color-code your Waypoint and add notes so you easily remember all the details from your scouting efforts. Drop Waypoints at key areas, such as the parking site, tree stands, camp, and more.

scouting with onx hunt
onx hunt on desktop

Bigger Screen

onX Hunt on Desktop allows you to leverage the greater screen real estate of your computer. This larger Web Map view provides the ideal platform for e-scouting and gaining an overview of your Map Markups on the landscape. Explore onX’s 3D Mode on your computer for a “boots on the ground” feel, and click through various zoom levels to obtain both a macro and a micro view of your hunting area.

how to access onxhunt on desktop

How to Access onX Hunt on a Desktop or Laptop Computer

Accessing onX Hunt on your computer is easy:

  1. Visit onxmaps.com on a desktop or laptop computer
  2. Click “Login” in the upper-right corner
  3. Select “Hunt Map”
  4. Enter the credentials you used for setting up your account, whether it was through the onX website or through the onX Hunt App
  5. Start e-scouting and exploring your maps