Introduction to Map Layers


What Is a Map Layer?

A Map Layer is simply an overlay on the map that shows land ownership boundaries, game management units, or hundreds of other options. Layers can be toggled on or off, and they can be used in tandem to view multiple layers of interest at the same time.

The Map Layers Panel

The Map Layers Panel contains all the available Layers in one convenient place and allows users to select the Layers they are interested in seeing on the map. This Panel is divided into Layer Categories (State, Hunt, Trails & Rec, and Water) to allow for intuitive Layer selection. Users can select Layers from the Layer Library to add to My Layers, which allows a user to curate a collection of the Layers that they need to see.

Layers vs. Basemaps

While Layers function as overlays on the map, onX Hunt offers three Basemap options (Satellite, Topographic, and Hybrid) that determine what the actual map looks like. These Basemap options are detailed below.


The Satellite Basemap shows detailed satellite imagery and is useful for viewing major natural features as well as extensive road and trail networks.


The Topo Basemap shows a two-dimensional representation of the earth’s three-dimensional surface and allows hunters to understand things that satellite imagery cannot address, such as how steep a terrain feature is or the elevation change between two points.


The Hybrid Basemap blends the Satellite and Topographic Basemaps by adding contour lines to satellite imagery. This reveals the true nature of a landscape and provides a hunter with the most comprehensive view of the land.

My Layers as a Collection

All available Layers are contained within the Layer Library. By selecting Layers of interest, users create a collection of Layers, known as My Layers, that contains only the Layers that are needed for a particular location and / or species of interest. Upon downloading the Hunt App, certain Layers are already contained within My Layers.

Layer Types


This is where you’ll find property boundaries, landowner names, and state-specific hunting information. When planning a hunt or using your Offline Maps in the field, the layers in this category will make your hunt more productive, more efficient, and more likely to end in success.


Within the Hunt Layer Category, you’ll find layers such as Precipitation Radar, Roadless Areas, and others—this is where you can really start to dial in the Hunt App to suit your needs. Say you’re hunting whitetail on public land in Georgia. After turning on the relevant state-specific Layers, it’s time to use the Hunt Layers to gauge the weather and barometric pressure, determine where prescribed burns have taken place, and decide where your treestand should hang to give you the best odds of crossing paths with a mature buck.

Trails & Recreation

The Trails & Rec Layer Category is where you’ll find things like recreation sites and other points of interest as well as trails, trail mileages, and trail slopes. For that Georgia whitetail hunter on public land, this allows you to identify everything from good places to camp to fishing access sites to keep you busy during that midday lull.

onX Hunt
onX Hunt Membership

How To Use the Layer Library

Upon opening the Hunt App for the first time, some Layers will be preselected, meaning they are already within your My Layer menu. All the other Layers, however, can be found within the Layer Library, essentially a collection of inactive Layers from which you can select only those you need.
We’ve selected three Layer Categories (your state, Hunt, and Trails & Rec) and a few useful Layers within those Categories to be visible upon opening the App for the first time. After that, it’s up to you to pull the Layers you need from the Layer Library and place them within My Layers.
Moving a Layer from the Layer Library to My Layers is easy and quick. Simply find the Layer of interest within the Layer Library and tap the “+” sign to add the Layer. This will remove that Layer from the Layer Library and place it within My Layers. It’s that easy.
To remove a Layer from My Layers, tap on the layer within the My Layers Panel and tap the “Put Back in Library” button. It will then be placed back within the Layer Library until you decide you need it again.

onX Hunt Layer FAQ

My onX Hunt Layers are not working. What should I do?

The most likely culprit when your Layers don’t seem to work is that they’re tucked away within the Layer Library. Simply move the Layers of interest to My Layers, turn them on, and get to work. Other possible causes include a lapsed Membership or an out-of-date version of the Hunt App.

How do I see hunting zones or change the species on display?

Hunting zones, also known as Game Management Units, can be found within the State Layer Category. To select the species in which you’re interested, tap the “Layer Settings” button on the Layer and choose the species you want to see.

How do I change states or add another state’s Layers?

An onX Hunt Premium Membership provides access to all the Layers you need to hunt within a single state. To access state-specific Layers for another state, upgrade your Membership to the Elite Category. Elite Memberships are available for an annual fee or a monthly subscription. If you have an Elite Membership and are unable to view the Layers in another state, make sure that state’s Layers have been moved from the Layer Library to My Layers and turned on.

Which Layers are free? Which Layers do I need to pay for?

Many Layers are available without an onX Hunt Membership. These include hunting units for all 50 states, partner layers from RMEF and NWTF, USFWS hunt areas, and the Motor Vehicle Roads & Trails (MVUM) Layer. Additionally, all map Markups (Waypoints, Lines, Shapes, and Tracks), the Tracker, all three Basemaps, and Wind & Weather can be accessed without a Membership. All other Layers, Offline Maps, Photo Waypoints, and other features require a Membership.

How accurate is onX Hunt?

onX Hunt is the most accurate GPS hunting app on the market. We source our data from county offices, federal agencies, and a number of private organizations. The Hunt App is trusted by game wardens and outfitters around the country, so you can trust that the information you see is correct.

How do I update my Hunt App?

To update your Hunt App, head to the App Store on Apple devices or the Google Play Store for Android phones. Find the App in the store and click the update button. You can also set your phone to automatically update when new product versions become available. Learn more here.

How do I see property lines within onX Hunt?

To view property lines, ensure that the Private Land Layer within your State Layer Category is in My Library and turned on. If you are still unable to view property lines, ensure that you have an active Hunt App Membership.