Waypoint Sharing Keeps You Connected

Sharing your directions to hunt camp, although controversial, used to include hand-drawn maps on napkins, paper plates with last names written on them and directions including phrases like: “turn left at the tree, but not the tall tree. Then look for the tree that’s a little greener than the other tree and it will only be a few miles to camp.”

These directions worked on occasion, but were never ideal and left far too much uncertainty while navigating mountain roads.

onX is taking away all the uncertainty in giving directions with all new waypoint sharing.

onX Hunt App shown on mobile device and mounted in truck cab.

Now when you invite your friends and family to hunt with you, you can send them your exact position on the map.

To share your position, make sure you and your friends have your Hunt Apps updated, then simply select a Waypoint you want to send your companions, then tap the share button. You can then send the map and waypoint via text message, email, or any other method of your choice. Your most trusted, ethically vetted, hunting companion will receive a link that will drop an exact waypoint on their map.

Know Where You Stand
And Let Your Hunting Companions Know, Too. Try the onX Hunt App for Free.

Waypoint share is also a leading safety function as well. Now you can let your loved ones know exactly where you will be hunting, or send meet-up points before splitting up to hunt for the day.

The feature is free for the latest version of the Hunt App and doesn’t require a membership to work.

Two men in camouflage walk into the mountains in morning to hunt.

To try the new share feature, just make sure your and the recipient’s Hunt App is updated to the latest version.

Kody Kellum of Born and Raised Hunting talks about the onX Hunt Waypoints sharing feature.

Last updated July 2018.

Know Where You Stand
And Let Your Hunting Companions Know, Too. Try the onX Hunt App for Free.

Written by Cavan Williams