The highest rated topo map app for Android and iOS devices

Get the most accurate topographic maps for only $29.99/yr.

Get the most accurate topographic maps for only $29.99/yr.

The Ultimate Topo Map App

Featured in Outside Online, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life and more, onX Hunt is the must-have topographic map app for any outdoor enthusiast. Detailed and accurate 24K maps help you locate peaks, valleys, saddles and slopes on location with your phone or at home with your desktop. With more than 14,000 reviews in the App Store and Google Play, onX Hunt is the best topo map app.

Love this app. Everything you need to plan your hunt, track your location, mark your location and make notes… topo map, sat map, hybrid map… I will never go into the field without using this app before, during and after.

Drew S., September 2019

Access Topo Maps Offline

Even when you’re off the grid without service, you can access offline topo maps saved in onX Hunt. The GPS in your mobile device still works when a network isn’t available. Outdoor enthusiasts often quote this as one of their favorite features—to locate yourself in remote locations with high-resolution, interactive topography maps.

“onX Hunt has been a wonderful resource… it is so much easier to download maps before I go anywhere, hunting or backpacking, and take a quick gander at my phone versus breaking out the paper map. With the ability to see satellite photos or topo or both is a great benefit. I would recommend it to anyone…”

Michael P., August 2019

Ready for Any Outdoor Activity

onX has a long-standing history with hunters. Our Hunt App is trusted by the most capable hunters and is the highest rated app for Android and iOS devices. But our digital topo maps with contour lines and detailed elevation information are also excellent for fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities. onX Hunt can even be used to view a topographic map of your property.

A must if you hunt, fish or are generally just into property lines and topography. Great app!

DJ W., September 2019


How do I download a topographic map?

The onX Hunt App includes a feature that allows you to save maps to your device for use outside the cell network. Move the map to the area that you want to save. The section of map outlined will be downloaded. When the download completes, a new Off-Grid map will appear in your Off-Grid maps menu. Learn more at Top 6 onX FAQs.

Where can I find elk on topo maps?

Benches, fingers, bowls, basins and wallows are elk hotbeds, and certain topographical features will tend to hold more elk than others. For this reason, a topo map such as onX Hunt’s Topo and Hybrid Basemaps can be your first step to finding timbered-up elk. Learn more at Using Topography to Find Elk with Remi Warren.

What is a saddle on a topo map?

Contour lines will form an hourglass shape with rising contour lines on each side.” Learn more at How to Read a Topo Map for Hunting: Contour Lines, Cliffs & More.

How do you find relief on a topographic map?

Relief is the amount of topographic change in a given area. Specifically, it is the difference in elevation between two points, which can be calculated on a topographic map using contour lines.

What are the three types of contour lines on a map?

“Index Lines” are labeled with a number representing elevation above sea level. These are the thickest lines on a topo map. “Intermediate Lines” are thinner and appear between Index Lines. Generally, there are four Intermediate Lines between every Index Line. The elevation between Intermediate Lines is typically found in map keys. “Supplementary Lines” are used to indicate flatter terrain.