Public Land Map

onX Hunt offers accurate public land maps to help you find access to your public lands. Explore with confidence using the onX Hunt App. Start your free trial today.

Find Millions of Acres of Public Lands in the U.S.

Discover your public lands with the onX Hunt app. Investigate access opportunities, private land boundaries, as well as public land boundaries. Study terrain features, water sources, and points of interest. Make the most of your public lands with onX Hunt.

Game Management Units, Hunting Areas, and Hunting Units

onX Hunt has gathered a complete list of game management units, hunting zones, and species districts in all 50 states to help you visualize particular hunting areas.

Offline Maps

Save your maps for offline use with the onX Hunt App. Travel outside of cell service and take your maps with you. No matter where you roam, you’ll have the confidence of staying on route even when you’re off the grid.

Private Land Maps

Ensure you’re not treading on private land with accurate private land maps from onX Hunt. See private property boundaries and lines to know where you stand while exploring public lands.

Satellite, Topo, Hybrid & 3d Maps

View public land with satellite, topographic, hybrid, and 3D maps. Visualize terrain features, topography, and more with satellite imagery and topographic lines. Get the lay of your public lands with onX Hunt.

Map Tools

Customize your maps with custom Waypoints, Lines, Area Shapes, Photo Waypoints, and more. Mark points of interest, glassing spots, routes, and more. Plan your hunt before you go out into the field.

Possible Access Layers

Investigate possible access opportunities with onX Hunt. Possible Access properties are private lands owned by timber companies, NGOs, and private entities that MAY allow public access for hunting. Check with the landowner before you visit.

This App Is Amazing!

I hunt private land, as well as public land and onX provides all of the information I need in all situations. This has included getting me out of the woods when there was a bad storm going through the area and I was forced to take a different way out.”

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Discover Your Public Lands with onX Hunt

Join millions of hunters and outdoor recreationalists who explore their public lands with onX Hunt. Know where you stand at all times with accurate public and private land boundaries. Try onX Hunt today for 7 days.

How to Access Feature Layer

On Desktop

  1. Login to your account on
  2. Click on “Map Layers” on the left hand menu.
  3. Select “Layer Library” and select the state you’re in.
  4. Turn on the “Gov Lands” Layer specific to your state.

In App

  1. Open onX Hunt on your mobile device or tablet.
  2. Select “Map Layers” at the bottom left hand side of the screen
  3. Select your state in the “Layer Library.”
  4. Turn on the “Gov Lands” Layer specific to your state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Public Land?

Public Land refers to lands that are collectively owned by U.S. Citizens and managed by government agencies. In the U.S., public lands are held in trust for the American people and managed by the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and The United States Forest Service, as well as state and local agencies.

How Do I Hunt Public Land?

Public Land hunting is enjoyed by hunters throughout the U.S. Here are some tips for hunting on public land.

Where can I find public hunting land near me?

Find public hunting land near you with web or mobile hunting apps that show public and private property lines overlaid on satellite or topographic base maps. With color-coded designations, trails, and roads, you can find public hunting land. onX Hunt has a Web Map and App for finding the nearest federal and state public hunting lands and national forests, along with hunting districts.