Find Public Hunting Land Near You

Discover public hunting in your state starting at $29.99 / yr.

Discover public hunting in your state starting at $29.99 / yr.

Maps for Hunting, Made by Hunters

While private property abounds throughout the U.S., many hunters prefer the challenge public hunting lands present. The onX Hunt App gives you the most comprehensive maps and information to locate public lands, even the smallest tracts near local farmlands. Whether you are hunting elk, deer, or small game, onX Hunt can help you know where you stand. With 985 million acres of public land and an ever-growing 421 map overlays, your next trophy is in sight with onX Hunt.

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421 Map Layers

The Best Tool for Locating Public Hunting Land

The onX Hunt app lets you hunt with confidence by always knowing where you are with clearly marked private property boundaries. Our proprietary data collection, analysis and layering methods give you the most accurate and up-to-date maps available on all devices—all in one place.

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Syncs Across Devices

Scout from a desktop then explore with your GPS unit or mobile devices in the field. Your data automatically syncs both ways, so you can find your way to that wallow, rub or lookout. Or, when you’re in the field, you can drop custom waypoints as a reminder of what you found and where you found it—then study the area in detail on your computer when you’re home.

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The Most Trusted and Accurate Hunting GPS App

Find the best public hunting land using onX maps. With offline maps, custom Waypoints and combined aerial and topo maps, onX Hunt is the #1 app for hunters.

Find Public Hunting Land Near You

Find Public Hunting Land
onX Hunt’s unique and extensive layers make finding public hunting grounds near you easy.

Color-Coded Land Designation
See state land boundaries and designations at a glance with our color-coded land designation.

State-Specific Layers
Get access to state-specific layers that cover everything from walk-in access areas to unique state land types.

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Plan Your Next Hunt With Hunt Central

Learn more about seasons, licenses, regulations for all 50 states. Hunt Central by onX provides all the information you need to plan your hunting trips, including public and private lands, species and permits, terrain, maps and more.

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Public Hunting Land FAQ’s

How do I find public hunting land near me?

onX Hunt provided color-coded land designations that make finding public hunting land as easy as turning on the right layers and looking at your area of interest.

Does onX Hunt show state hunting land near me?

Yes, onX Hunt includes layers for most types of state land including state forests, state parks, walk-in areas and more.

Can I find public hunting land for deer, duck, turkey, pheasant and dove hunting near me?

Yes, onX Hunt allows you to customize a map to find the best access to hunting land for the species of your choice. We’ve even partnered with organizations like the National Wild Turkey Federation (LINK) to provide species-specific layers.

Where can I find public hunting land near me?

Find public hunting land near you with web or mobile hunting apps that show public and private property lines overlaid on satellite or topographic base maps. With color-coded designations, trails, and roads, you can find public hunting land. onX Hunt has a Web Map and Hunt App for finding the nearest federal and state public hunting lands & national forests, along with hunting districts.

How do I know where I can hunt?

Knowing where you can hunt is also about understanding the rules of the area you plan to hunt. Knowing if you stand on public land or private property, plus knowing the hunting district where you plan to hunt is very important. Using onX Hunt will show you where you can hunt, along with Public and Private Land Boundary Layers.

Is hunting public land dangerous?

Hunting public land is not dangerous if you follow the guidelines of basic hunter safety, know the area you are hunting, and respect others who use the land. A risk with hunting public land is getting lost. That’s why it’s important to have a hunting GPS app, like onX Hunt, to mark waypoints and tracks for important places.

How much public hunting land is in Ohio?

There are 651,000 acres of public hunting land in Ohio, which is an average of two acres per hunter. Even with less than three percent of the total land in the state, there are excellent hunting opportunities in Ohio. Use a Web Map or Hunt App, such as onX, to find those public lands throughout the state.