onX Fish: GPS Fishing App

Currently Available in Minnesota

Find new water for your next fishing trip.

Right now onX Fish is only live in Minnesota, but we’re working on adding other states to the app soon. The good news is that Minnesota anglers can now deep-dive into an app designed to help them make the most of their time on the water. 

We all know a successful day on the water starts with a plan. You have to know what species you’re after, what kind of water they live in, and how to get there. onX Fish helps you form a game plan with information including:

• Species information per body of water
• Boat ramps and access points for lakes and rivers
• Resources to find the best public access locations
• Updated fishing regulations
• And so much more

Find Lakes to Fish Using Fishing Spots

Plan your fishing day using curated data and tools within the onX Fish App. Find which species live in which body of water, boat ramps and access points, fishing regs, recommended bait and lures, current weather conditions, and more—all in one place.

Plan Your Day Using Access and Amenities Information

Easily find waterbody access information and details on nearby amenities. Go into your day with a plan knowing how to get on the water and what to expect once you’re at the boat ramp or access trail.

Identify Your Target Water by Filtering by Species and Boat Launch Information

onX makes finding boat ramps and access points easier than ever before. Find boat ramps for lakes and rivers. Filter fisheries by species information, helping you find the best water for your target fish.

Know What to Expect With Fish Species Size Distribution Survey Data

Put the odds in your favor by knowing your target species before hitting the water. In the onX Fish App you’ll be able to search by species, find what lakes and rivers they live in, how to get there, and much more.

Private and Public Land information Around Water Bodies

Our public and private land boundaries will help you identify public access points and avoid crossing onto private land. Ensure that you are accessing fishing legally and making the most of your public land opportunities.

Build Tactics Using Tools Such as Recent Imagery, Lake Contours, Weather, and More

Plan your fishing day using curated data and tools within the app. Use contour lines to help you visualize and understand lake bottoms, so you can imagine where fish might be within the water column. Explore current and forecasted conditions, wind speeds, and more to help determine the best time to hit the water.

Survey Data with Species Size Distribution

Understand the size class of fish in your selected body of water to determine trophy potential and tactics for your target species.

Recent Satellite Imagery

Visualize current conditions such as ice coverage, lake levels, and more with Recent Imagery updated every two weeks with historical look-back available to March of 2023.

onX Fish gps fishing app

Mark and Customize Waypoints

Mark productive fishing holes, shorelines, and structure with a Waypoint, then customize the Waypoint with color, an image, notes, and more. Keep track of wind conditions at each Waypoint so you can plan your fishing day accordingly.

Use Tracker to Mark Your Path

The onX Fish Tracker records your path as you travel and saves your track on the map as a blue-dashed line. Look back at the area you’ve covered, miles traveled, and more. The Tracker also provides information about your trip duration, distance, and average speed. Once saved, you can view Tracker data in the My Content Menu.

Fisherman on a boat in a lake

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