Ling Road

Total Miles


3,702.54 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This trail is easy except for two areas where the road has two washouts that have deep ruts to negotiate. The first one can be straddled, and the second area can be passed on the uphill side. The road ends at a locked gate. Near the end, there is a side road that will take you to a scenic overlook.

Photos of Ling Road

Ling Road
Ling Road


This is an easy trail with no major difficulties.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Brian Bownds
Jun 27, 2024
2023 Ford Bronco
Deep Snow
Snow blocking road at about the half way point.

Access Description

At the top of Hoosier Pass on Highway 9, the road takes off at the rear right hand corner of parking lot. At the junction of the trail, stay left for Ling Road. The right fork is Silver Lake Road.

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