Stewardship preserves trail health. Trail health preserves trail access. onX Offroad: Trails for tomorrow.

Stewardship preserves trail health. Trail health preserves trail access. onX Offroad: Trails for tomorrow.

What is stewardship to onX Offroad?

Stewardship to onX Offroad means recreating with an understanding that an off-road experience is about more than just oneself. It’s driven by an ethical standard and executed by human responsibility. It comes with consideration of all the people that cruised down that trail before you, and all those that will in the future. It’s about being courteous, waving as you go by and humbly picking up after yourself and others. It’s about the dirt on your tires, the wildlife you drive by, and the trees that shelter your campsite. Stewardship is awareness, conscience, and commitment to the community around you, the sport of off-roading, and to the environments in which you play.

Mojave Roads: Preserving the Unknown

16:45 min

Learn how preserving access to these public lands is vital for maintaining our connection to the innate human desire for exploration and adventure.

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Our Stewardship Tenets

We believe that we each have a personal duty to act responsibly out there. We hope you’ll join us in commitment to preserving future access to the motorized trails we love by following these guidelines:

Share Our Lands

  • Respect the rights and experiences of all other adventurers around you 
  • Learn and follow etiquette and right-of-way rules for multi-use trails
  • Keep speeds responsible around crowds and in camping areas
  • Always slow down before a blind corner to avoid accidents
  • Protect the soundscape by avoiding excessive revving and engine noise

Never Leave The Trail

  • Always stay on legal and designated trails and roads
  • Never leave the trail to flex or drive on surrounding obstacles
  • Only cross creeks at designated fords
  • Avoid going around obstacles which widens the trail

Minimize Impact

  • Avoid roosting and powerslides when not in OHV areas. These cause corrugations and trail gouging which lead to closures
  • Avoid wheel-spin when possible to prevent rutting and erosion on the trail
  • Cross creeks, puddles, and water of any kind slowly to avoid damaging the environment and your vehicle
  • Air down to reduce your impact whenever possible

Camp Responsibly

  • Camp in legal locations
  • Use existing campsites when possible, and always camp on durable, non-vegetated surfaces 
  • Camp at least 200 feet (70 big steps) away from water sources

Respect Fire

  • Observe all fire restrictions and drown your fires when you leave
  • Never build a new fire ring. Use an existing ring, or carry a fire pan

Dispose of Waste Properly

  • Pack out everything you brought in, including food scraps!
  • Do not throw food, plastic, or other wastes into fires
  • Do not clean your dishes, or throw gray water into creeks, lakes, or rivers. Soap and food scraps can alter sensitive fish habitats and local ecosystems.

Connect to Your Surroundings

  • Honor historic sites, archeological sites, and restoration areas by leaving them as you found them
  • Understand local considerations: be aware of fragile soil types, seasonal weather conditions, flooding areas, invasive species to avoid spreading, etc.

Be Ready

  • Plan your route, downloads your offline maps, and tell someone your travel plans
  • Tune up that rig!
  • Pack for safety and low impact: recovery kit, first aid kit, safety tools, trash bags

Success Stories

We’ve led many successful Access and Stewardship initiatives across the onX company to support hunters, off-roaders, and human-powered adventurers. With deep roots in preserving access for hunters, we now authentically accelerate our access and stewardship programs for the off-road community.


Public land we’ve helped open since 2018

39.4Miles of trails

We’ve helped open since 2018

15MLand locked acres

onX worked with Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership to identify and lobby support.

10Trail Cleanups

onX encourages staff to participate in trail cleanup volunteer days, with many trash hauls to be proud of, and counting.

Tread Lightly

Support our collaborative efforts through our dual membership campaign.

Desert Landscapes

Desert landscapes are iconic to off-roaders. As you get ready to head to drier climates, brush up on facts about desert environments to ensure a safe trip and continued access to the rocky, sandy trails we love so much. 

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