Michigan Hill

Total Miles


3239.18 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

The Michigan Hill trail starts from the pickle gulch campground. This trail is a relatively easy trail for most off-road vehicles, although there are some narrow points on the trail. This trail winds through mining country, there are lots of mines in this area, and the usual holes and tailings piles from days gone by. There are several old mining shacks along the trail and plenty of vistas and overlooks that allow you to see for miles and miles. This trail has forests, hills, valleys, and meadows; it makes for a very nice trail with plenty of places to stop and eat your lunch with a view. There are lots of Deer and Elk to see if you catch them at the right time of the year. This trail is open all year long, but some areas can have 2-3 feet of snow during the winter, making it hard to pass at times.


Mostly dirt trails with areas of rocks and obstacles.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Park at Pickle Gulch Campground