Union Park

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3,072.70 ft



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Summer, Fall

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This trail is easy and relaxing the entire way. The trail starts at the Taylor Park Trading Post. Proceed over the metal bridge to the south, or in a vehicle, take the paved road, head east, and then south on FR 752. A gentle climb through a forest teases you with a few small meadows until you drop into the vast Union Park with the majestic mountains surrounding it. Just past the picturesque 1900s cow camp that is still in use, the trail gets rocky over Lottis Creek and turns back to the east. If you continue, this trail ends at some beaver ponds on Cross Creek.

Photos of Union Park

Union Park
Union Park
Union Park


As you approach the picturesque cow camp, built in the early 1900s and still in use, the trail has some washout holes, gets rockier and more narrow.


As you drop into Union Park, you can imagine how it got its name imagining the tents of Union soldiers camping. That, however, isn't accurate. When the Civil War was raging, Confederate sympathizers named their town (later changed the name to Tin Cup) Virginia City in support of the souther cause. The Union sympathizers, in response, named this enormous area, Union Park.

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Access Description

Taylor Park Trading Post has all the essentials including gas and supplies.

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