Refresh Your Layers for Maximum Performance

Refreshing the Layers menu updates your map when you make changes to your account.

Like most other apps on your device, the onX Hunt App is an internet-based service, meaning it must contact our servers every so often to keep your account up-to-date. Each time the app performs this check, it sends a message through the internet and receives a response. This type of Wi-Fi or mobile data communication uses more of your device’s power than almost anything else.

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In an effort to reduce power consumption, newer versions of the onX Hunt App will automatically refresh themselves less often than previous versions. By putting the ability to refresh in your hands, onX Hunt gives you more control over the battery life of your device.

For a useful tip on preserving battery life from our founder, click here.

onX Hunt Founder Eric Siegfried refreshes his Map Layers in the Field

Since the app refreshes itself less frequently than in the past, this may lead to situations where the map does not immediately reflect changes you’ve made. In these circumstances, you can manually refresh your account:

1) Open the Map Layers menu.
2) Press your finger to the screen at the top of the menu just below the “My Layers” and “Layer Library” headings.
3) Swipe towards the bottom of the screen. A white circle icon will appear and move downwards as you swipe.
4) Release your finger from the screen. The circle icon will spin for a moment or two as the refresh completes.

Check out our FAQ about refreshing map layers for more information.


When Should You Refresh the Layers Menu?

– After purchasing or renewing your Membership
– When you enable or disable a layer in the My Layers menu
– When you add or remove layers from the Layer Library
– Your app version gets updated
– A layer is turned on, but it isn’t displayed on the map

The ability to refresh manually preserves your device’s battery while still allowing a high degree of map customization. Striking a balance between these two factors has been an ongoing challenge, but we feel that saving as much power as possible while giving our customers more control over their map is the correct approach. Whether you’re a casual user or an onX expert, learning how to take full control of the onX Hunt App allows you to spend less time worrying about your maps and more time exploring the unknown.

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header image: Jess DeLorenzo

Written by Ryan Curtis