How Do I Change States Within the onX Hunt App?

onX Hunt grants you access to an enormous set of private and public land data. With the Elite Membership, you have access to this information in all 50 states, so no matter where you are you’ll always know where you stand. A digital map displaying all of the public and private landowner information for the entire country would be much too large for any device to handle, so onX Hunt divides this information into a series of folders and map layers to keep your device running smoothly. With so much information available, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your device isn’t bogged down with irrelevant data.

When crossing from one state to another, you may notice the public and private landowner data stop right at the border, even though your Elite Membership is nationwide. Generally, this is because the state you’re crossing into is disabled, but enabling and disabling states using the Map Layers Menu is easy.

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Enabling the New State

  1. Tap the Map Layers Button in the bottom-left corner of the main screen. This opens the menu that allows you to customize your map.
  2. Tap “Layer Library” on the right side of Map Layers Menu. The Layer Library is a storage location for states and map layers that are not currently being used.
  3. Scroll through the list of states until you locate the state you’re crossing into. Each state has its own folder, and there are three nationwide folders: Hunt, Trails & Rec and Water.
  4. Tap the state’s name to open the folder, and tap “Add all layers” to enable the state. This will move all the Map Layers from the Layer Library into the My Layers Menu, where they can be turned on and viewed on the map.

After tapping “Add all layers,” the state’s Private Lands Layer, Government Lands Layer and Hunting Units Layer will be turned on and display automatically on your map. Any other layers in that state’s folder can be turned on manually.

Unless you plan on returning soon or need it for reference, it’s generally a good idea to disable the state you just left and any other states you don’t need currently. If you ever notice your app running slowly, follow the steps below to disable as many states as possible.

Disabling the Old State

  1. Return to the My Layers Menu. You should see a folder for the new state and a folder for the old state, along with any other folders that contain layers you have enabled.
  2. Tap the old state’s name to open the folder for that state.
  3. Tap “Remove all layers” to disable the state and move the layers into the Layer Library. You can open the Layer Library and enable the state again at any time by following the four steps at the beginning of this article.

If you use onX Hunt on multiple devices, your settings on one will not automatically transfer to the other, so make sure to follow the steps above for all the devices you’re using whenever necessary.

Your Markups (Waypoints, lines, shapes and tracks) are not connected to any map layers, so all of this information will still be visible even if they are located in a state that’s disabled in your Map Layers Menu. Markups can be enabled or disabled using the My Content Menu.

Saved Offline Maps and Scouting

Offline Maps is one of the most important features of the onX Hunt App. Ensuring that these maps are set up properly is critical for success when outside the cell network. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Map Layers can be enabled and disabled in Offline mode as well, so be careful not to accidentally turn off any important information when you’re out in the field.

If you’re planning an out-of-state trip, you don’t need to wait until you’re physically in the state to view its Map Layers. By following the steps above, you can view the information for any state whenever you want. By default, the app will display your physical location, but by zooming out, moving the map and zooming in on the area you’re interested in, you can start scouting as soon as your Elite Membership begins. If you have access to a desktop or laptop computer, the best way to scout is by using the onX Web Map. The layout is a bit different, but the Map Layers Menu is organized in the same way, so you can do all your planning on a larger screen while you’re waiting for your season to start.

Learning how to manage your map data in the onX Hunt App ensures that you get the most out of your Elite Membership and prevents many performance issues with your device. The last thing you want is to hinder that once-in-a-lifetime out-of-state hunt by having a piece of kit not work the way you expect. Get your tags, plan your route, prep your rig and set up your onX Hunt App — you’ll be prepared for anything.

Written by Ryan Curtis