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When you consider your hunting gear for any given hunt, you might picture the most obvious first: firearm or bow, bullets or arrows, camo clothing, optics, and a hunting pack. But all those hard goods are just dead weight if you have no place to hunt or don’t know your way around in the field. That’s why the onX Hunt App should be as vital a part of your hunting gear as anything else.

With the Hunt App you can find public and private land information, detailed maps in 2D and 3D that work offline, saved Waypoints and Tracks, crop data, weather and wind forecasts, and even access to draw odds for hard-to-get tags. onX Hunt is essential to every hunt. 

Two hunters look at a mobile phone while bowhunting in the mountains.

Navigation, Maps, and Hunting GPS 

Every hunter plans for success, but if that plan doesn’t include navigating where to hunt, mapping out the area in which they’ll hunt, or having a way to track back to the truck, then it’s hardly a detailed plan. That’s where the navigational and mapping tools with onX Hunt come in handy. With these features and tools in the palm of their hand, every hunter can have the confidence to have a great hunt and get home safely.

Check out what goes into the Hunt App:

  • Map your hunt your way using Topo, Satellite, or Hybrid basemaps.
  • Scout, navigate, and understand terrain better with our 3D maps.
  • Not having cell service is not a problem with Offline Maps. Download your maps, Layers, and saved content and have GPS navigation even if you don’t have a cell signal.
  • Get accurate landowner information and boundaries so you know areas to avoid or people you can ask for permission to access new properties.
  • Customizable Waypoints for keeping track of whatever your needs are in the field. 
  • Pick the best treestand or approach based on current or projected wind conditions. You’ll always be in the right place in the right conditions with this tool.
  • Scope out shooting lanes or effective ranges with the Line Distance tool or Range Radius.
  • Improve your odds of getting coveted tags by understanding draw odds through TopRut, a service available for Elite members.


To help increase your success, we’re adding new benefits to your Elite subscription–including access to exclusive pricing on products and services handpicked by the onX Hunt team.

Turn your Phone into the Best Hunting GPS 

If you’re on the grid and own a phone, here’s how you can turn your phone into the best hunting gear. Global Positioning System (GPS) signals from satellites that orbit the Earth and are received by nearly all smartphones. The Hunt App uses these signals to find your position and displays it on our mapping platform as a familiar blue dot. Since these signals are coming from satellites and not nearby cell towers, you can use your phone as a hunting GPS without an active or strong cell tower signal. 

This means you don’t have to carry a separate GPS unit because when your phone can calculate its distance from four or more GPS satellites, it can figure out where you are within 7.8 meters 95% of the time.

Your phone then becomes valued hunting gear because of the different Basemaps, Layers, and Tools that can be used in conjunction with your GPS position. This makes scouting, tracking, and finding your way back to the truck easier and safer. 

An aerial landscape with onX Hunt waypoints marketing various features.

Essential Hunting Gear at a Discount

The onX Hunt App puts the right information in your hand and your head, but there’s plenty more gear to consider whether you’re outfitting for the first time or just updating a worn-out old favorite. The experts at onX Elite have hand-picked a range of brands we’ve grown to trust and opened exclusive discounts and promotions available only with Elite. Plus, Elite members have access to education and other expert resources, Elite-only map tools, and nationwide (and Canada) coverage so you can put your new gear to use knowing you’ve got the right tools in any landscape for whatever you’re after.

Hunting Boots 


We’ve teamed up with Schnee’s Mountain Boots to offer onX Hunt Elite Members an exclusive discount on the best mountain boots out there. And to keep your new boots in top condition, Schnee’s will include a free tube of high-performance waterproofing treatment from Nikwax with every purchase. 

Elite membership discount: 20% off Mountain Boots + Free Tube of Waterproofing Nikwax With Every Purchase

A man sits on a chair and bends down to adjust his pant leg over his hunting boot.


Do one thing and do it right. For over a century, that’s what LaCrosse has been doing—making the best rubber boots. Boots that won’t let you down. Boots that know a thing or two about toughness, durability, and comfort. Whether for hunting, working, or tending the land upon which they tread, LaCrosse boots give you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you. Because that’s what matters most to them.

Elite membership discount: 20% off Select Styles 

Hunting Apparel

First Lite

We trust First Lite’s camo and gear for our own hunts, which is why we’re pleased to partner with them to offer unique benefits to onX Elite Members. Our exclusive partnership gives you personalized, prioritized service from First Lite, helping take the guesswork out of your gear so you can focus on the hunt. 

Elite membership discount: Personalized camo consultations and worry-free returns and exchanges

A group of four backcountry hunters takes a break and enjoys conversation.

Mossy Oak 

We’ve teamed up with Mossy Oak to help you achieve both your short- and long-term goals of managing your property. With the guidance of Toxey Haas, along with the wealth of experience and knowledge he and his team have honed for nearly four decades, we aim to bring that information to you to help you achieve your hunting and land management dreams.

Elite membership discount: 20% off the Mossy Oak Store and a free digital subscription to the Gamekeeper magazine

Hunting Backpacks 

Exo Mountain Gear

Designed by hunters, proven in the backcountry, and built in the US. At its core, Exo only cares about two things—building the best pack system possible, and offering the best service to fellow hunters.

Elite membership discount: 10% off 

Hunting Saddles and Treestands 

Lone Wolf Custom Gear

We’ve teamed up with Lone Wolf Custom Gear to help you hunt more effectively when targeting mature whitetails by ensuring you have early access to innovative new products, Elite-only inventory, free shipping, and worry-free returns and exchanges.

Elite membership discount: Exclusive discounts and early access to Lone Wolf Custom Gear treestands and hunting accessories.

A bowhunter stands in the woods with a Lone Wolf treestand pack on his back.

Upland Hunting Gear

Final Rise

There are certain pieces of gear where you don’t cut corners, and for serious upland hunters, a vest that doesn’t compromise in comfort, quality, or function is at the top of the list. The Final Rise Summit is the workhorse upland hunting vest everyone has been searching for: a fully modular system created to excel in any upland hunting situation. From the grouse woods to the chukar hills, the Summit has no rival.

Elite membership discount: Access to an exclusive vest bundle, opportunities to test unreleased gear, and first crack at select new product launches.

Waterfowl Hunting Gear 

Dakota Decoys

Decoys are a waterfowler’s bread and butter. They need to be durable enough to endure countless years of banging around in a decoy trailer, yet need to be realistic enough to fool the wariest fowl. We’ve teamed up with Dakota Decoys to offer onX Hunt Elite Members an exclusive discount on the best-in-class Dakota Decoys. 

Elite membership discount: Access to free shipping on all orders, plus 50% off a decoy bag with purchase of two boxes of decoys

Dakota decoy bag with duck decoys.

Turkey Calls  

Wood Haven

“20 plus years ago, the first line in my business plan was ‘to build the very best turkey calls, period.’ I wanted top-of-the-line in every facet of the company. I knew I could build great products and put them into a nice package and deliver them to you, our great customers, with superior customer service. Superior products and great customer service is what has become known as the ‘Woodhaven way!’” – Mike Pentecost, WoodHaven Custom Calls Owner/President

Elite membership discount: Two Mouth Calls with purchase of select Pot Call

Meal Kits 

Peak Refuel 

Peak Refuel meals boast high-quality, non-GMO ingredients, including 100% USDA-inspected meat with no TVP or any other fillers. Their intensive screening process results in a meal that packs a punch with an average of 29.4 grams of protein in a lightweight package. With their heaviest meal weighing just 6.35 ounces, Peak Refuel is ideal for all outdoor adventures. We’ve worked hard to bring Elite Members savings for every hunt—from small meal kits and quick trips to multi-day pack hunts, you can save up to $70 off your bundle.

Elite membership discount: 25% off Peak Refuel Meal Bundles

A hunter uses a jet boil to prepare a Peak Refuel dehydrated meal in the backcountry.

Meat Processing and Cooking Systems


We’ve teamed up with Meat! to offer an exclusive discount on premium game prep and processing equipment to onX Hunt Elite Members. We love to bring a do-it-yourself attitude to all elements of hunting and we’re excited to partner with our friends at Meat! to bring world-class processing equipment to hunters looking to process game themselves at home.

Meat! was founded with the goal of enhancing hunters’ field-to-table experience from start to finish. All of their commercial-grade equipment is built on the feedback of hunters and professional butchers alike to ensure you can get the best quality meat out of your harvest.

Elite membership discount: Up to 25% Off And Elite-Exclusive Processing Bundles

A person processes game meat using MEAT! vacuum-sealed bags.

Hearing Protection 


Hearing protection is essential for those looking to spend a lifetime in the field. General health and safety are good enough reasons to protect your hearing, but we all want to be capable of hearing flushes, gobbles, bugles, and our hunting partners for years to come. That’s why we’ve partnered with SoundGear, the industry leader in digital hearing protection and enhancement.

Elite membership discount: $200 off Phantom & $150 off Instant Fit Hearpro

Trail Cameras


As an industry leader in the trail camera space, Bushnell delivers best-in-class cameras for every style of hunter. Whether you’re looking for next-level image quality or exploring your first cell camera without breaking the bank, Bushnell has a camera for you. Additionally, the Bushnell Trail Cameras app delivers a seamless, intuitive, and well-supported cellular camera experience to help you find your next target buck.

Elite membership discount: 25% off Cell Cams

Hunting Optics 


Since opening their doors as Vortex Optics in 2002, they’ve offered customers a lifetime commitment, because being American-owned, veteran-owned, and family-owned means something more. It means your satisfaction is at the heart of everything they do. It means the no-questions-asked dedication to stand behind the products and services you’ll trust with your hunt, your range time, and your life.

Elite membership discount: 10% off 

A hunter uses a Vortex spotting scope to glass for animals.

Set Yourself up for a successful Hunting Season

Get access to exclusive discounts and benefits along with all of the features that come with the onX Elite membership

Are handheld GPS obsolete?

With people using their phones as GPS units, handheld GPS systems have been becoming increasingly less popular but will likely never be obsolete due to the number of people who either can’t afford a phone with GPS or who don’t want to own one.

Can you use your phone GPS without service?

You can always use GPS on your mobile device regardless of an internet or cellular connection. As long as you have a charged smartphone with you, you can find your way around remote areas and foreign landscapes. GPS tracking on your phone works just as well without internet connectivity or cellular service.

What gear do hunters need the most?

Depending on what game is being hunted, the essential gear includes a firearm or bow, bullets or arrows, camo clothing, optics, and a hunting pack. And of course a map and phone with onX Hunt.

How do you find deals on hunting gear?

onX Hunt Elite membership has partnered with many different companies in different industries to give hunters exclusive discounts on hunting gear.


Ryan Newhouse

Ryan Newhouse was raised hunting squirrels and whitetails in the deep South but has spent the last two decades chasing Western big game in Montana. He has written professionally about his travels and the craft beers he’s consumed along the way. He loves camping, fishing, boating, and teaching his two kids the art of building campfires and playing the ukulele. His great-great-uncle, Sewell Newhouse, invented the steel animal trap.