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The Lone Wolf brand was founded from passion and dedication to the pursuit of mature whitetails. Tired of creaky wooden stands costing him mature bucks, Andre D’Acquisto began building treestands in his garage. Now, Andre and the team build the highest quality stands available. If you demand the most out of your treestands, look no further for silence, lightweight components, and intuitive design—everything the mobile hunter needs. 

We’ve teamed up with Lone Wolf Custom Gear to help you hunt more effectively when targeting mature whitetails by ensuring you have early access to innovative new products, Elite only inventory, free shipping, and worry-free returns and exchanges.

onX Hunt Elite Members Receive Exclusive Service and Access with Lone Wolf Custom Gear:

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Cody D’Acquisto

“Harvesting trophy Whitetails with a bow year after year comes down to one thing, consistency. When I breakdown consistency in my hunting season, I narrow it down to two main factors:

A treestand and climbing sticks that allow me to be fast, light and mobile in my pursuits, moving effortlessly throughout a season as situations change, and mapping software I can utilize to systematically store pertinent data and notes right to my phone while scouting. The combination of the two is critical for effectively ambushing mature animals.

onX’s mapping system and Lone Wolf Custom Gear have been and will remain my two primary tools for every whitetail endeavor.”

Mobile Whitetail Hunting

Being mobile in the whitetail woods adds a new level of opportunity to traditional treestand hunting. Though not short on challenges, when it all comes together there are few things as rewarding as tagging a mature buck on your first sit in an area. Lone Wolf Custom Gear was designed for this style of hunting. Ultralight, compact, and silent while maintaining comfortability, a LWCG stand is unmatched. Pair that with the onX Hunt App to help you scout, find a mature deer’s core area, and pick the exact right tree to be in position for an opportunity.

Jared Larsen

“Lone Wolf has been at the top of the list as far as treestands go for a long time. I can recall hanging my first set in a Lone Wolf with my dad the day before the Wisconsin Gun opener 15 years ago. This fall, the D’Acquisto Series sticks, .75, and the Saddle Hunter will be staples for me in the whitetail woods.”

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