onX Elite + First Lite

Personalized camo consultations and worry-free returns and exchanges

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Personalized camo consultations and worry-free returns and exchanges

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When hunting season arrives, every second matters. onX Elite is designed to equip serious hunters with the tools they need to make the most of every hunt. When you’re set up for success you can focus wholly on your hunt, knowing you can count on onX to get you in the hunt, and First Lite to keep you there.

We trust First Lite’s camo and gear for our own hunts, which is why we’re pleased to partner with them to offer unique benefits to onX Elite Members. Our exclusive partnership gives you personalized, prioritized service from First Lite, helping take the guesswork out of your gear so you can focus on the hunt. Don’t waste time trying to decide which camo to buy—as an onX Elite Member, you get a prioritized consultation with First Lite’s team to help personalize the right kit just for you and for your hunt. Less time shopping means more time scouting.

First Lite

onX Elite Members Receive Personalized Service With First Lite:

Prioritized Virtual Outfitting Consultations: First-in-line scheduling with First Lite’s team of experts to determine the right equipment for your season’s hunts.

Free Returns and Exchanges: Your gear should enhance your performance, not hinder it. To ensure the perfect fit, First Lite will accept free returns and exchanges of their product for all customers who conduct a virtual outfitting appointment with First Lite’s team of experts.

Exclusive Advance Windows to Purchase Gear and Limited Editions: First access to purchase new kits and patterns before anyone else.

Unique Seasonal Savings: onX Elite Members will receive seasonal promotions from First Lite that cannot be offered anywhere else. Stay tuned as they get announced this fall!

Determine Your Gear Needs Using onX

The first step to knowing what gear you need is knowing where you’ll be using it. Among other factors, consider your hunting environment, how far you’ll be hiking in, seasonal weather conditions, and the elevation you’ll gain during the hunt.

Max Kenyon

“There aren’t many hunting “tools” or products that I could honestly say I  use on every single whitetail hunt of my season, but it’s true for my First Lite clothes and the OnX Hunt app. This is my base-line necessary equipment – dependable apparel to keep me concealed and quiet, and always-accurate maps that tell me where I need to be. Gimme that, binos, and a weapon and I wouldn’t need to come home for a week!”

Mark Kenyon

First Lite for Big Western Game
onX Hunt App

First Lite for Western Big Game

Demanding Western hunts require the right gear. Matching your camo and equipment to your hunt requires answering a few key questions: What elevation will you be hunting? How steep is the terrain? How far will you be hiking in?

Designed for Western hunters, First Lite patterns obliterate the human shape by utilizing a proprietary mix of nature-based algorithms in coordination with disruption and focal confusion techniques. Put more simply, the relationship between colors and shapes has been specially designed to fool the brain by resembling recurring patterns found in nature.

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Brian McElrea

“My favorite piece of First Lite gear is the Brooks Down Sweater. From early season archery elk to late season rifle mule deer hunting, I’ll wear it just about everyday. Plus, wrapped up in a neck gaiter it will act as a pillow for my bivy-style hunts.”

– Brian McElrea, Hushin’

Dylan Dowson

“My favorite First Lite pieces are the Uncompahgre puffy jacket and pants. On cooler hunts, I never leave home without them. Whether I use them for added warmth inside my sleeping bag on a cold fall night, or put them over my layering system to allow me to stay at my mule deer glassing knob for another two hours, the Uncompahgre pants and jacket always find a place in my pack and can turn a miserable cold experience into a productive one.”

– Dylan Dowson, onX

First Lite for Whitetail Hunters
onX Hunt App

First Lite for Whitetail Hunters

A successful whitetail hunt is the culmination of many different factors coming together. You can help put the odds in your favor by setting up for success with the right gear for your specific hunt. Consider what kind of cover and terrain you’ll be hunting — what is surrounding your tree stand? What kind of weather will you be hunting in? How far is the hike in to your stand? Answering all of these questions can help you determine the right gear for your hunt.

First Lite’s Specter camo creates large-shape disruption for whitetail hunters, distorting and hiding the human body. This visual disruption is created by incorporating large regions of both light and dark colors (macro break up) found in the tree canopy. These regions of dark and light work against the human figure at long engagement distances and angles specific to the whitetail hunter.

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“The Whitetail Catalyst System is my go-to for most of the year, adding and removing layers underneath when temps start to fluctuate. Paired with my favorite piece of gear, the Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket, it makes for a killer kit that lasts a majority of the season.”

– Brad Bever

clay newcomb

“To be a successful backwoodsman you need knowledge of the land and the gear to keep you out there longer. OnX gives me an owls-eye view of the landscape and First Lite keeps me dry, warm, comfortable and concealed. My hunting would be very different without these two.”

– Clay Newcomb, MeatEater