Final Rise

Exclusive Summit Vest onX Elite System with $60+ Accessory Package

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Final Rise

There are certain pieces of gear where you don’t cut corners, and for serious upland hunters, a vest that doesn’t compromise in comfort, quality, or function is at the top of the list. The Final Rise Summit is the workhorse upland hunting vest everyone has been searching for: a fully-modular system created to excel in any upland hunting situation. From the grouse woods to the chukar hills, the Summit has no rival. 

Exclusive for Elite Members, Final Rise is including a free $60+ Accessory Package which includes a Rear Accessory Bag and exclusive onX Hunt and Final Rise hat. The rear accessory pocket will match the color of your vest. This special setup adds a wealth of additional storage and gear carrying capability to your Final Rise Summit System.

onX Hunt Elite Members Receive an Exclusive Vest System and Insider Access With Final Rise

  • Summit onX Elite System: Get the vest you’ve been waiting for and receive a free $60+ Accessory Package: a Rear Accessory Bag and co-branded onX Hunt and Final Rise Hat.
  • Opportunities to test unreleased gear: Test and provide feedback on products being developed by Final Rise.
  • Early Access to product launches: Be the first in the field with select new products.

Ben Brettingen – onX Hunt Team Member

“I’ve spent years dialing in my upland set-up, whether that’s kennels, guns, or trucks. I’m constantly striving to put together a kit that keeps life in the field organized and comfortable for over 100 days a year. Vests and boots rank at the top for being able to make or break a hunt. The Final Rise Summit Vest System is the most versatile vest in the game. From weaving through Minnesota’s aspen cuts in search of the king to hauling heavy bags of Kansas roosters, I know my vest won’t give up and will help me stay in the field longer. If you’re into the best of the best, then you’ve come to the right spot. We could talk about features all day, but what really matters is being able to trust a company that will never sacrifice quality.”

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