Dakota Decoys

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Decoys are a waterfowler’s bread and butter. They need to be durable enough to endure countless years of banging around in a decoy trailer, yet need to be realistic enough to fool the wariest fowl. With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with Dakota Decoys to offer onX Hunt Elite Members an exclusive 20% off sitewide on Dakota Decoys.

Dakota Decoy is located in the southeast corner of South Dakota, along the Missouri River. This setting provides the opportunity to observe and document a wide variety of waterfowl, finding the inspiration to create decoys that look like the real deal. The Dakota Decoys process starts with a world-class carver who creates ultra-realistic carvings, which are then painted to extreme detail. They’ve pushed their decoys to the next level by finding the toughest molding materials. Then, these virtually-indestructible bodies are hand painted to seal the deal. Thus, the “Xtreme Series” was born. Dakota Decoys is excited to offer these decoys to hunters across the U.S. and Canada. One look at these and you’ll agree….. “The Migration Stops Here!”

Dakota Decoys

  •  onX Hunt Elite Members Receive An Exclusive 20% Off Sitewide on Dakota Decoys

“I have decoys that I’m still using from the first time I owned them in 2008, and they’re used an average of thirty days a season. Decoys that are tossed in and out of trailers, and piled up in the field. Dakota Decoys are made with exceptional detail, durability, and provide the best return on investment.”

Ricky Hart, The Grind TV

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