$200 Off On Custom Fit Hearing Protection and $150 Off Instant Fit Hearing Protection

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Hearing protection is essential for those looking to spend a lifetime in the field. General health and safety are good enough reasons to protect your hearing, but we all want to be capable of hearing flushes, gobbles, bugles, and our hunting partners for years to come. That’s why we’ve partnered with SoundGear, the industry leader in digital hearing protection and enhancement.

As an onX Hunt Elite Member, you have access to members-only pricing on both custom molded and Instant Fit series models. Additionally, when you choose elite level protection with custom fit electronics, you’ll receive elite level service throughout your purchase. SoundGear will provide a members-only customer service phone number for onX Hunt Elite Members, schedule your fitting with a local specialist, and even foot the bill for the appointment. Once completed, your order will be delivered right to your doorstep. Throughout the entire process, SoundGear has you—and your ears—covered.

Elite Members receive exclusive pricing and VIP treatment for custom-fit electronic hearing protection.

  • $200 off Custom-Fit Electronics: Get best-in-class hearing protection for an exclusive price only available to onX Hunt Elite members. For the hunter that refuses to compromise when it comes to performance and personalization, Silver, Platinum, and Phantom models are custom molded to each wearer’s ear and boast the most advanced digital electronic hearing protection and enhancement technology on the market.
  • White Glove Custom Fitting Service: Determine the custom-fit electronic that is right for you, then let SoundGear take care of the rest.
    • SoundGear is available to help you book your fitting through an Elite-exclusive phone number, so you get the assistance you need when you need it.
    • Your appointment will be made at the specialist nearest you and paid for by SoundGear.
    • Once your new custom-fit electronic hearing protection is ready for action, it will be shipped right to your doorstep.
  • $150 off Instant Fit Electronics: Save on the smallest and lightest options on the market without compromising on quality in hearing protection and enhancement. Ready to wear right out of the box, the Instant Fit series delivers natural wind reduction and superior 100% digital sound quality.

Wade Shoemaker

One of my largest struggles with hearing protection is having to fumble around with ear plugs while hunting. Not needing to mess around with small batteries or constantly put plugs in and out throughout a hunt while using SoundGear equipment is a huge bonus for me. Additionally, I can stream music or even take a call without removing and replacing my hearing protection. With Soundgear, I have no reason not to protect my hearing. It’s just easy.

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