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Whether you’re a first time puppy buyer or a seasoned dog owner, the Retriever Roadmap provides you with the tools you need to be a more confident and capable trainer. The key to success in this program is discipline. Follow the course at your own pace, and break down lessons into digestible chunks to set both you and your dog up for success. Become the best trainer you can be with Retriever Roadmap as your guide.

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Table of Contents

Puppy Training

  • Expectations With Training
  • Make It a Success
  • Potty Training
  • Socialization at Home
  • A Confident Puppy
  • Sacking a Puppy Out
  • Trimming a Puppy’s Nails
  • A Biting Puppy
  • Treats at Home
  • Crate Training
  • Basic Commands
  • In-House Place Training
  • Dragging the Check Cord
  • Retrieving With Your Puppy

Coach’s Corner Hunt Breakdowns

  • Welcome to Coach’s Corner
  • Ep. 1 Under Control
  • Ep. 2 Strike’s Big Blind
  • Ep. 3 Natural Instincts
  • Ep. 4 Hunting Multiple Dogs
  • Ep. 5 Breaking Dogs in the Field
  • Ep. 6 Quick Send in Certain Situations
  • Ep. 7 Total Chaos

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