Rob Roberts Custom Gun Works

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The performance and reliability of your shotgun should be a source of confidence and an advantage on any hunt and in any terrain you encounter, whether that gun is new to you or a long-used sidekick. To help you gain every performance edge possible, we teamed up with Rob Roberts Custom Gun Works, an industry-leading performance shop, to bring Elite Members an exclusive shotgun and choke tube upgrade experience. Give your shotgun an overhaul and head into the season with confidence that you can tackle any condition or situation ahead of you.

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10% off New Raptor Turkey Chokes.
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Wade Shoemaker

“Grabbing a gun that I know full & well will perform consistently and efficiently is a benchmark that should be non-negotiable. Grabbing a gun that does it even better than that is something I’ve learned only comes from the best. Rob Roberts goes in and makes that performance a reality for me.”

Cory Loeffler

“Rob Roberts custom gun works has made my shotguns look better, last longer and most importantly pattern better. I’m a true believer in the forcing cone work that they do! If you are looking to breathe a little life into Ol’ Betsy or Trusty Rusty, Rob Roberts Custom Gunworks is the place!”

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