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$250 Off On Upgrades With Shotgun Purchase

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Buying a handmade shotgun is all about giving you choices. It’s about building a gun you’ll shoot better, that will last a lifetime, and will be passed down for generations. Traditionally, the process of buying a bespoke shotgun was difficult, intimidating, and very expensive. We’re thrilled to team up with Upland Gun Company, a renowned importer of RFM fine Italian shotguns, to offer Elite Members an exclusive shotgun customization and upgrade experience at an unbeatable value.

onX Elite Members can pick from ONE of the following for their shotgun purchase:

  • $250 off on shotgun upgrades with purchase of a shotgun

All Elite Members also receive:

  • A personal phone consultation with Upland Gun Company to personalize the perfect shotgun for your needs
  • 10% off an in-person Upland Gun Company fitting by from qualified gunsmiths
    • Schedule your fitting on the onX Elite / Upland Gun Company page 
    • If you get a group of five together, Upland Gun Company will arrange for a gunsmith to fit you in person at an appropriate location

Ben Brettingen

“I’ve always been a lover of fine shotguns and the craftsmanship that goes into a bespoke piece of art. However, I never thought it would become a reality because of the process and price tag associated with such a gun. Then I found Upland Gun Company. Jerry and Nick walked me through the whole process, sending photos and updates at every step. My goal was to create a functional memento to honor my first gun dog, and Upland Gun Company exceeded all my expectations. The craftsmanship that went into this gun is more than I could have hoped, all for a price I wasn’t afraid to tell my wife!”

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