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Get the most out of your bird dog with this series of lessons from Upland Institute. This curated selection of video modules is designed to cover a wide variety of dog training topics as you begin training your upland bird dog.


Every gun dog owner strives for a finished, bird-finding machine, but training a bird dog can be tough. To help get the most out of your dog, we’ve teamed up with Upland Institute to help you on your training and handling journey. Justin McGrail and Ron Boehme combine more than six decades of professional training, judging, testing, and hunting experience into an online program geared to help you and your dog prepare for years of shared success.

Table of Contents

Foundations and Fundamentals

  • About Foundations and Fundamentals
  • Crate Training
  • Initial Bird Exposure
  • Stake Out
  • Initial Check Cord Work

Trained Retrieve

  • About the Trained Retrieve
  • Getting Used to the Table
  • First Hold
  • From Dummies to Dead Birds

Advanced Bird Work

  • About Advanced Bird Work
  • Introduction to Steadiness
  • Unproductive Points and Relocation
  • Honoring
  • Scouting

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