Best Hunting GPS for 2022

Updated for 2022.

Having a hunting GPS with you on your next trip can be a durable navigation tool to aid with marking waypoints, tracking routes, or scouting for game. Handheld GPS units for hunting have different strengths and features, so finding the right one for you in 2022 will depend on how you want to use it and what features are most important. We’ve rounded up the Garmin hunting GPS units compatible with the onX Hunt Chip to highlight each one’s best features. Of course, every smartphone can be a hunting GPS with onX Hunt for iPhone and Android.

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How GPS Works

GPS technology was developed by the military in the early 1970s as a means of navigation that would not be limited by weather patterns. It is a system of 30+ satellites orbiting earth. A GPS unit (or your phone) listens to the signals from these satellites. Once your receiver can calculate its distance from four or more GPS satellites, it can figure out where you are within 7.8 meters 95% of the time. Ground stations work in tandem with the navigation satellites and use radar to make sure they are actually where our units think they are.

Hunting GPS – Garmin GPSMAP Series

Pictured: GPSMAP 66sc.

The GPSMAP series is one of the easiest hunting GPS units to use because of its simple menu and the fact it doesn’t have a touchscreen so you can use it with gloves on. Its large 3” screen makes reading color-coded public land maps from the Hunt Chip an ease.

Hunters can access multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) with this unit, which improves tracking in the most challenging environments and works better than GPS alone.

The potential downside for this unit, however, is that the GPSMAP series is one of the heavier GPS units to carry hunting.

onX Hunt Compatible GPSMAPS Series Models:

60CSx | 60Cx | 62s | 62sc | 62st | 62ct | 62stc | 64 | 64s | 64st | 64sc | 64sx | 64x | 64csx | 76CSx | 76Cx | 78 | 78s | 78sc | 276Cx

Note: The 60CSx Marine Model, 62 Standard Model, 66i, 66st, 86s, 86i, and 86sci are NOT compatible with the onX Hunt Chip.

Additional Note: Garmin is only featuring GPSMAPS units 64x and above on its site in 2022. Older units may be found at certain retailers or on secondary markets.

Hunting GPS – Oregon Series

Garmin Oregon 750t Hunting GPS compatible with onX GPS chip
Pictured: Oregon 750t. $549.99

The Oregon series is rugged and has a sunlight-readable touchscreen with dual orientation (landscape and portrait). With a redesigned antenna, it now has better GPS and GLONASS reception. The Oregon 750t has built-in Wi-Fi and a camera. If you save your photos to your computer, you can add them to your Waypoints on the onX Web Map.

The average battery life for the Oregon series is about 16 hours and its water rating is IPX7, which means it withstands incidental exposure to water of up to one meter for up to 30 minutes.

onX Hunt Oregon Series Compatible Models:

300 | 400 | 400t | 400c | 400i | 450 | 450t | 500 | 500t | 550 | 550t | 600 | 600t | 650 | 650t | 700 | 750 | 750t

Note: Garmin only lists the Oregon 750 and 750t on its website in 2022. Older units may be found at certain retailers or on secondary markets.

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Hunting GPS – Rino Series

Garmin Rino 755t Hunting GPS compatible with onX GPS chip
Pictured: Rino 755t. $649.99

The Rino series is where hunting GPS meets walkie-talkie. With a range of 20 miles, the Rino 755t can communicate by voice or unit-to-unit text messaging. It also features a dual battery system, allowing 14 hours of use between charges on its lithium-ion pack or up to 18 hours with AA batteries.

Another fine feature of the Rino series is the ability to send your exact location to other Rino users so they can see it on their map displays.

The cons for the Rino are its high price point and that it’s heavier than most other hunting GPS units.

onX Hunt Rino Series Compatible Models:

520HCx | 530HCx | 650 | 650t | 655t | 750 | 755t

Note: The Rino 110, 120, 130, 520, 530, 610, and 700 are NOT compatible with the onX Hunt Chip.

Additional Note: Garmin only lists the Rino 700, 750 and 755t on its website in 2022. Older units may be found at certain retailers or on secondary markets.

Hunting GPS – eTrex Series

Garmin eTrex Touch 35 Hunting GPS compatible with onX GPS chip
Pictured: eTrex Touch 35. $299.99

A first-time hunting GPS for many hunters, the eTrex series is typically the least expensive units. They are lightweight and have a respectable battery life. On the flip side, however, is its small 2.6-inch screen and limited menu. If you’re looking for a stripped-down hunting GPS, the eTrex is it, but with several different models from which to choose in the series.

onX Hunt eTrex Series Compatible Models:

20 | 20x | 22x | 30 | 30x | Touch 25 | Touch 35 | Legend Cx | Legend HCx | Vista Cx | Vista HCx | Venture HCx

Note: Garmin has discontinued the eTrex 30x in 2022.

Hunting GPS – Montana Series

Garmin Montana 680t Hunting GPS compatible with onX GPS chip
Pictured: Montana 680t. $599.99

With one of the largest display screens (4-inch) on the market, and an 8-megapixel autofocus camera that automatically geotags photos, the Montana Series is the upper echelon of hunting GPS units from Garmin.

The Montana series can also be mounted virtually anywhere with a variety of compatible mounts, making these GPS units designed for use on ATVs, boats, RV, or in your off-road vehicle.

Compatible Models:

600 | 600t | 610 | 610t | 650 | 650t | 680 | 680t

Note: The Montana 700, 700i, and 750i are NOT compatible with the onX Hunt Chip.

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Set Up Your Phone as the Best Hunting GPS Unit

Maybe the best hunting GPS is one you already have? You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a GPS to have one with you on your 2020 hunting trip. With your iPhone or Android and the onX Hunt App ($29.99 per year for one state), you’ll have all the detailed topographic maps, recreation points, land ownership maps, and the ability to save and share waypoints without needing to carry a separate device.

onX Hunt Chip with GPS with onX Hunt App

There are some things that GPS units simply cannot do and the Hunt App can. With our Map Layers and Map Tools, you can bring a lot more information to the field this hunting season. All these features come with Premium or Elite Memberships:

  • 421 map overlays, including Current and Historic Wildfire Layers, Roadless Areas, and Hunting Districts/GMUs.
  • 400,000+ miles of trails.
  • 985 million acres of color-coded public land.
  • 121 million private properties with up-to-date landowner names and property boundaries.
  • Current weather conditions, including temperature and wind direction. Also has an extended 7-day forecast.
  • Lines and Distance Measuring. Draw straight lines and measure the distance between points.
  • Area Shape Tool. Draw a polygon and measure the length of its sides and the area.

And with our Offline Maps, you’ll be able to navigate and use all maps and map layers without the need for cellular service – working with the same GPS capabilities as the units above.


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