Oregon Hunting Maps


Find new access and view BLM, National Forest, private property and more over 24K topo basemaps for the most accurate map available on Garmin GPS.

  • Landowner names & boundaries
  • Color-coded public lands
  • Roads & trails
  • Most up-to-date Hunting Districts
  • Hunt App Membership included

onX Hunt Chip overview

Map details

  • Private landowner names, boundaries, and tax address
  • Public lands—federal, state, county, local and non-profit
  • 2018 ODFW Access and Habitat Program Properties
  • 2018-19 Wildlife Management Unit boundaries
  • Wilderness areas
  • Roads, trails and trailhead names and numbers
  • Point of interests—geographic and recreational
  • Water—rivers, creeks and lakes
  • Campgrounds
  • 24K topo
  • Section lines and numbers
  • Fishing access locations and boat ramps
  • Recreation sites
  • Much more

Full solution Membership

Purchase of the Hunt Chip also includes the use of the Hunt App for 1 year, along with free Hunt Chip Updates. Turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful field-use GPS with no cell service required.

Map updates

Already own a Hunt Chip? Download the chip update wizard to install the latest maps.

Version 18.0 Released on: Jul 11, 2018

  • Updated ODFW Access and Habitat Program Properties to 2018 season
  • Updated Wildlife Management Unit boundaries to 2018-19 regulations
  • Updated Forest Service, BLM, and National Park trails. Updated alignment to PCT through Oregon. Many multi use trails added

Version 17.0 Released on: Nov 06, 2017

  • Updated land ownership statewide
  • Updated ODFW Access and Habitat Program Properties to 2017 season
  • Updated Wildlife Management Unit boundaries to 2017-18 regulations
  • Fine-tuned the depiction of our roads network, separating mainlines from spur roads and major county roads from minor ones. Updated and added roads and trails to State forest, Forest Service lands, state and county lands on areas that had new data. We added 833 miles to our trails data.

Version 16.0 Released on: Jun 06, 2016

  • Updated ODFW Access & Habitat and Open Fields Program Properties
  • Updated BLM fences and road closures
  • Updated road network to differentiate more county highways from county roads, and residential/spur roads from mainlines and county roads. Also added hundreds more miles of backroads and cleaned up certain areas of source data overlap
  • Updated water features to more accurately show Malheur and Mud Lakes’ fluctuating shorelines and the lakes’ central perennial areas
  • Updated possible access properties to show more non-hunting access on non-profit lands(Friends of Opal Creek and the Nehalem Community Land Trust)
  • Updated possible access properties to show more public hunting access on timber company lands, apart from changing fire restrictions(all Hancock Forest Management and Indian Hill properties, as well as Weyerhaeuser properties within the Stott Mtn-Alsea and Wendling travel management areas)

Land ownership coverage

Land ownership coverage

Our parcel coverage map lets you know at a glance which states and counties we have private land owner data for in our products. Due to differing state regulations and availability of data, we currently do not have complete coverage for every state and county. However, if a state or county makes the parcel data available, we make every effort to include it in future updates.

Use the buttons below to toggle between Hunt Chip and Hunt App parcel coverage layers.


- Full coverage
- Partial coverage
- Property boundaries
- Public lands only
- No coverage

Note: The purpose of this map is to depict private land parcel coverage. Public land and other map layer coverage is statewide. Please note that there may be parts of some counties that do not have coverage or have unknown private landowner names.