Winding Stairs-Ice Cave Loop

Total Miles


2832.59 ft



Technical Rating



Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This loop consists of Forest Service roads 323 and 324 which meet on the east side of the loop; the loop is continuous, and the numbers can be confusing. The trail surface is decomposed granite which can erode easily and cause deep erosion cuts. Where the trail crosses the north-facing slopes, it can retain snow and ice and be very slick, with some exposure if you were to slide off the trail. Standing water is common after rain and snowmelt and can be deeper than it looks. There are several dead-end spurs and nice hiking in the area. A quartz rock quarry is on the left, just before FR 324.B, and can test your 4WD. Animals abound in this area, including deer, elk, turkey, and bear. The area created by the loop is a great place to explore on foot.


There are some steep and occasionally rain-washed inclines or declines. Potential for water crossing and snow in spring and fall.

Technical Rating