Ramparts Loop

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2,828.77 ft


0.75 Hours

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Trail Overview

The Ramparts Loop snakes through a mix of dry open hillsides, and lush aspen tree forests. This trail is in a bit lower elevation than some of the other trails in the Mancos riding area, so it is hotter and drier. Starting on the southern portion of the loop, the trail steadily climbs up 1,000 feet in the first half of the trail, and then steadily declines 1,000 feet throughout the northern half of the loop. It has tight curves in the trees and sometimes goes through tree pinches that are handle-bar width. There are some embedded rocks and roots in the trail that add a bit of a challenge, and there are a couple of off-camber shelfy sections, but never much exposure. Overall it's a fun and fast trail. Halfway through it dumps onto a road at a fenced corral, and you can find the trail again on the right side of the D Spur Road at a rock pinch.


This is an easy/Intermediate single-track trail with climbs, descents, tight turns, and off-camber sections.

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There are no status reports yet for this trail.

Access Description

The Mancos Trail System is made up of several single-track trails of varying length and varying difficulty north of the town of Mancos, Colorado, in the San Juan National Forest. There are several staging areas off of West Mancos Road, including the Upper Chicken parking lot, and there's an abundance of dispersed camping sites off of this road.

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