Greens Creek

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3,508.40 ft


0.75 Hours

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Trail Overview

Greens Creek is a fun alpine single track in the San Isabel National Forest near Poncha Springs, Colorado. Going southwest to northeast, it starts on a ridgeline that is the Continental Divide, at the intersection with Monarch Crest Trail and drops 2,900 feet over 7 miles. It has epic views of the continental divide before dropping down. It's a wider dirt single track, not too narrow, full of rocks and roots in between the pine trees. The trail has a couple of sections with bigger boulders and scree, but overall is not that difficult of a trail, and doesn't have a singular crux or big obstacle. The trail is pretty straight the whole way down, with some light curves through the trees. It goes through a mix of flat forest floors and cuts across the side of the mountain elevated above a creek. This is a really fun one to ride in the riding area between Sargents and Salida, Colorado.


This is an easy/Moderate single track with rocks, roots, scree, and lots of elevation change.

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