8501F & EG

Total Miles


2,385.14 ft


0.5 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall, Spring

Trail Overview

This trail is a short loop in the Bocco mountain trail system. It departs from trail 8501E at a wooden fence post. Traverse across the side of a low alpine mountain through small pine trees and sage brush. It becomes very tight and twisty with short climbs and descents with lots of brake bumps. It comes to a fantastic view of a rocky ridge line on the mountain in front of you and a red cliffside. It continues as a very windy trail through the trees and comes to another viewpoint overlooking highway I-70, which is pretty cool as it's hundreds of feet below you. After the viewpoint there are several really steep downhills that are a loose dirt and rock surface. There are small rocks and roots across the trail and small rock drop offs. One of the downhills is right on the edge of the mountain side, which adds some mild exposure. There's often very sharp turns at the bottom of these hills. It ends with another big hill climb full of brake bumps and ends at a dirt road.

Photos of 8501F & EG

8501F & EG
8501F & EG


This is a moderate trail with challenges such as very steep inclines, sharp turns, loose rocks and roots, and small rock ledges.

Technical Rating


Status Reports

Michael Morrow
Sep 05, 2023
Dirt Bike

Access Description

The Bocco Mountain Recreation Area has 18 miles of single track trail accessed off of Horse Mountain Road (also called Milk Creek Road) on the west side of Highway 131 north of the Wolcott exit from I-70. The trails are all similar difficulty with moderate challenges including steep hill climbs with small roots and rocks, and can all be ridden as a loop in a half day or day's ride. The trails are seasonally open 4/16 - 11/30. This is a great place to ride in late spring when the desert is too hot and there is still snow in the high alpine, or mid fall before it gets too cold.

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