Holy Cross

Total Miles


3531.18 ft


11 Hours

Technical Rating



Best Time

Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

This is as extreme as it gets. Open to unlicensed vehicles June 21 to November 22nd, this is a very popular trail with infamous obstacles like French Creek and Cleveland Rock. Very experienced riders only. Enjoy beautiful views and historical sites along the way. Expect heavy traffic.


Difficult. One of the most difficult in the state, offering nonstop challenges. Minimum 33-inch tires, differential lockers and winch. Bring spare parts and don't go alone.


Holy Cross City once had a population of about 300 people, a school and a hotel. Look around and you should be able to count about 17 foundations along with a dwindling number of cabins. The town survived only a few short years during the 1880s.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Find Homestake Road, F.S. 703, off Highway 24 between mile markers 156 and 157. The turn is on the south side of the road a few miles north of Camp Hale and about 20 miles north of Leadville. Drive south 7.3 miles past Gold Park F.S. Campground to the wellmarked trail on right.