Park Creek South-Fr Rd 380

Total Miles


3302.69 ft



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Best Time

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Overview

Park Creek South is the section of Park Creek road (#380) from Alamosa Conjeos road (#250) that goes to private Lake Nolda. You can drive past this lake to connect to Park Creek Road which ultimately goes to Hwy 160. This section of Park Creek road is very different in that is narrow and winding with a posted speed of 10 mph. It passes over Alum Creek, which is rich reddish orange due to the iron oxide and other metals leaching down from Little Red and Big Red Mountain. The color of the mountain and streams drew prospectors to this area in search of gold, when in fact the colorations were an indication that there was no gold in this area.


Road was narrow and winding, one lane wide in places with few spots to pass.

Technical Rating


Access Description

Connects to Alamosa Conejos (#250) and Main Park Creek road after the private Lake Nolda.