Update your Hunt Chip

We’re continuously refreshing maps with new hunting districts, campsites, trails, public and private land boundaries, owner names and more. Keep maps current and never miss an access or opportunity.

You may update your Hunt Chip with a current Premium or Elite Membership at any time.

Step 1

Use your computer to login to your account or purchase a Premium or Elite Membership.

Step 2

In your account, select “Chip Update” to download the update wizard.

Step 3

Plug your Garmin or micro SD card into your computer and let the wizard do the rest.

Step 4

Go Hunting.


Select a state map and get all features, including layers, property boundaries, points of interest, custom waypoints and more. Includes updates for your hunt chip.

$29.99 /year


Access all fifty state-specific maps with Premium features and hunt across the country. 

$99.99 /year

monthly billing available