Update Your onX Hunt Chip

Important Announcement Regarding the onX Hunt Chip

Effective immediately, the onX Hunt Chip for 29 of the 50 U.S. states will no longer be available for purchase. The final 21 states will still be available for purchase through Dec. 31, 2022. Learn More about this important announcement by clicking the button below.

How to Update your onX Hunt Chip

Through the remainder of 2022, the top three most used chips (MT, WY, and CO) will receive one more data update.  All other states are in their final version. Click HERE to select your state and see if your chip has an available update or follow the instructions below.

You may update your Hunt Chip with a current Premium or Elite Membership at any time.

Step 1

Use your computer to login to your account or purchase a Premium or Elite Membership.

Step 2

In your account, select “Chip Update” to download the update wizard.

Step 3

Plug your Garmin or micro SD card into your computer and let the wizard do the rest.

Step 4

Go Hunting.

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Premium with Two States
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