Luera Peak RMEF Public Access Project

onX and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) are committed to improving access to public lands for all outdoorsmen. The RMEF Layer in the onX Hunt App displays the location of RMEF Public Access Projects and associated access points.

Project Name: Luera Peak
Location: Catron County, NM
Access Point: 33.73667, -107.80782

Description: A two-mile road easement that secures 52,000 acres of public and State Trust Lands in west-central New Mexico.

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Not all of RMEF’s access projects consist of acquiring large chunks of land in elk country. In the case of Luera Peak, New Mexico, the requirement to preserve access was a road easement along two miles of private road that allows hunters and other recreationists to access over 52,000 acres of public and State Trust Land.

RMEF partnered with the New Mexico Dept. of Game and Fish as well as the New Mexico State Land Office to make this project happen. It is this creative approach to problem solving that has allowed RMEF to open, secure or improve access to more than 1.2 million acres since 1984.


Christian Fichtel

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