Starlight RMEF Public Access Project

onX and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) are committed to improving access to public lands for all outdoorsmen. The RMEF Layer in the onX Hunt App displays the location of RMEF Public Access Projects and associated access points.

Project Name: Starlight

Location: Jackson County, WI

Access Point: 44.19840, -90.54277
Description: 290 acres of Wisconsin’s prime southern elk range and just eight miles south of another RMEF access project at Morrison Creek.



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Jackson County lies in west-central Wisconsin, equidistant from the cities of Eau Claire and La Crosse. It is in the heart of Wisconsin’s southern elk range and is home to deer, black bear, turkey, ruffed grouse and many more species of wildlife.

This acquisition increases the Jackson County Forest to nearly 123,000 acres and provides additional habitat to Wisconsin’s growing elk herd—current estimates peg the state’s population at just under 400 animals.
Learn more about Wisconsin’s elk reintroduction efforts.


Christian Fichtel

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