How to Use onX for Fishing

Find fishing access, fly fishing runs, boat ramps, fishing spots near you and more.

We all use, and love, Hunt by onX for our hunts across the US, but the functions are also perfect for accessing that perfect lake, or planning a multi-day float down a winding river.
Below we list off the most useful functions onX provides anglers and how they will help turn Hunt by onX into your new favorite fishing App.


Public and Private Land Data

This is a great asset to anyone fishing from the bank. Knowing who owns the property gives you the ability find the best way to access a good looking stretch of water. Just turn on the Public/Private Parcel Data Layer and check to see if you can cross a stretch of land, to get to the section of water you want to fish. If you do find a piece of private property between you and an irresistible section of water, check out the landowner information and ask for permission to cross onto your new fishing hole.

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Fishing Access Sites

Add the Points of Interest Layer and find all fishing access sites for the water you’re looking to fish. Fishing access sites and boat launch sites will appear on your screen so you can plan your trip accordingly. This is great for anyone looking for a day trip, or for finding put-ins and takeouts for multi-day floats.


River Stage Forecast

If you want to check on the river levels, before you head out to fish, add this layer. Tap and hold the circular icon and it will bring up a link to the site with levels for your river, flood stages, historic highs and more. If you know the best water level needed to fish your river, the Stage Forecast Layer is an essential piece of gear for your tackle box.

boat-launch-new-1200x650.jpg?mtime=20180522114321#asset:29879Remember to clean, drain and dry your boat when changing bodies of water!


You can’t fish a new stretch of water if you don’t know how to get there. The USA Roads Layer shows you everything from major highways to logging roads, so you can navigate to new fishing water anywhere in the country.


Aerial Imagery

This is a great scouting tool, giving you an updated idea of what your river, lake, or creek looks like. Use it to study river bends, or plan your trek from the truck to the river. You can also use Topography, or the USGS Contour Layer to understand how steep your route to the water is.


USA Trails and Mileage

If the route to your new fishing hole starts at a trailhead, the USA Trails Layer will show you the exact path of the trail and even break down the mileage, so you know exactly how far you’ve gone.


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Written by Cavan Williams