District Ducks: A Muddy Shutter Media Feature Film

Watch as the Muddy Shutter Media crew finds public land hunting opportunities just outside our nation’s halls of power.

Washington, D.C. is a unique city, a geographically condensed amalgam of people who have come to the District for any number of reasons. As you might imagine, hunting near D.C. can be a bit of a challenge—the population density and availability of huntable public land require hunters to get creative when searching for locations near the city to hunt. That challenge is what inspires the crew at Muddy Shutter Media to get out and put the onX Hunt App to work.

District Ducks body image

Says Muddy Shutter’s Andy Tran, “We’re an outdoor marketing agency and production house that chose to start in the middle of the city. It’s as far away as possible from the mountains and backcountry that we love. It’s sort of ironic, but it’s who we are. We love what we do, and I don’t think where you live or work should define that.”

As you’ll see in District Ducks, the boys at Muddy Shutter Media find opportunities to get afield even in the shadow of our nation’s capital.

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Christian Fichtel

Raised in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains, Christian Fichtel now resides in rural Montana. He is a father, writer, hunter, and fly fisherman.