Change the game with Hunt Chip.

Pack the only map that instills confidence in the backcountry and bring home more successful hunts.

Purchase includes Hunt App for one year.

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Essential maps for

Private land boundaries

Color-coded public lands

Hunting area boundaries

24K topo

Possible access areas

Compatible with Garmin GPS devices.
Roads Trails Chip

Maps for hunting, made by hunters.

  • 985 million acres of public land
  • 9,568 unique hunting units
  • 121 million private properties
  • 41 million acres of possible access

Keep your chip sharp.

Expand range nationwide.

The Hunt Chip is available coast to coast with the most up-to-date and accurate land ownership available for a GPS.

  • Landowner names & boundaries
  • Hunting districts
  • Color-coded boundaries
  • Roads, trails & access points
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Randy Newberg,
Professional Hunter

The most vivid moment that onX helped my hunt is when I shot my largest archery bull in Montana. Knowing the boundaries with precision gave me the confidence to hunt very close to the public-private intersection. Result was my bull expired about 150 yards away from that boundary. Without onX there is no way I would have dared hunt that close to this boundary.

Gear up
your Garmin.

Hunt Chip works seamlessly with most handheld Garmin GPS units.



Check the list below to see if your Garmin GPS unit is compatible with the Hunt chip.

  • Alpha 100
  • Astro 220
  • Astro 320
  • Colorado 400(i)(c)(t)
  • Colorado 300
  • Dakota 20
  • eTrex 20(x)
  • eTrex 25 Touch
  • eTrex 35 Touch
  • eTrex 30(x)
  • eTrex Legend HCx
  • eTrex Legend Cx
  • eTrex Vista Cx
  • eTrex Vista HCx
  • eTrex Venture HCx
  • GPSMAP 60CSx
  • GPSMAP 60Cx
  • GPSMAP 62(s)(sc)(st)(stc)
  • GPSMAP 64(s)(st)(sc)
  • GPSMAP 76Cx
  • GPSMAP 76CSx
  • GPSMAP 78(s)(sc)
  • Montana 600
  • Montana 610(t)
  • Montana 650(t)
  • Montana 680(t)
  • Monterra
  • Oregon 400(t)(c)(i)
  • Oregon 450(t)
  • Oregon 550(t)
  • Oregon 600(t)
  • Oregon 650(t)
  • Oregon 700
  • Oregon 750(t)
  • Rino 520HCx
  • Rino 530HCx
  • Rino 650
  • Rino 655t
  • Rino 750
  • Rino 755t
Private land boundaries

Private land boundaries

Aerial imagery with 24K topo

Aerial imagery with 24k topo

Offline maps

Offline maps

Custom waypoints

Custom waypoints



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