Mother’s Day Gifts for Hunters

Looking for the best hunting gifts for moms? Whether it’s for a holiday, a birthday, Mother’s Day, that special anniversary, or just because, we have put together a list of excellent hunting gear made especially for moms who hunt. 

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Hunting Gear Moms Want under $50

Rifle Sling – Women who hunt understand what women hunters need, and this Baktrak Rifle Sling ($27.99) by female-owned Girls With Guns will do exactly what it’s supposed to do, keep your rifle on your shoulder while you’re walking. 

onX Hunt PremiumonX Hunt is available for single states across the U.S. for $29.99/year for one state or $44.99/year for two-states. With a Premium membership, mom gets all the features, including Map Layers, private property boundaries, points of interest, custom Waypoints, and more. No matter her device—iOS, Android, or a web browser—mom can navigate her next great hunt. 

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Gear for Moms Under $100

Leggings – Leggings are perfect for active moms in our lives. Why not get her a pair that brings the level of stylishness up a few notches? These Feral Leggings ($65) from Feral Lyfe do just that, and who doesn’t want more topo lines in their life? This design uses “legit Montana topography.” 

onX Hunt Elite – Mom’s gone to the woods, and with an Elite membership for onX Hunt ($99) those woods could be in any state in the country. Elite members get Layers and detailed maps for all 50 states, plus exclusive access to services and discounts.

Hunting Gifts for Moms Under $250

Knife – Women have been hunting at least for the last 9,000 years, with archeologists finding the remains of many early female big-game hunters who were buried with their tools. The need for a good hunting tool hasn’t changed over the millennia. That’s why a Benchmade 15200ORG Altitude knife ($235) might cut through the clutter of choices and be the perfect pick. It’s made from one of the new “super steels,” CPM-S90V, which is known for its exceptional edge retention and corrosion resistance.

Hunting Gifts for Moms - onX Hunt

Base Layers – Nobody likes to be cold when stalking big game. That’s why good base layers are essential hunting gear for moms (and everyone, really). The First Lite Women’s Kiln Hoody ($125) is a great midweight Merino-X top for the serious female hunter. If you need something warmer, First Lite also offers a Furnace Quarter-Zip with 350 Merino-X fabric. 

Gift Ideas for Moms Under $500

Waders – Waterfowl hunters practically live in their waders all season. Find the pair that fits ladies best for a full day of bagging ducks and geese. LaCrosse offers a Hail Call women’s-specific wader ($330) in Realtree Max-5 camo.

Gifts for Moms Who Hunt Waterfowl - onX Hunt

Hunting Pack – “I finally upgraded my pack this last year to the Mystery Ranch Women’s Metcalf and it has been a game-changer,” says onX Accountant Ann B. “The weight distribution between shoulders and hips really helped alleviate the pain that I had from my old pack.” The Metcalf ($499) is available in Foliage (green) or Optifade Subalpine camouflage. 

Best Hunting Gifts Under $750

Versatile Shotgun – Whether she’s chasing gobblers, ducks, grouse, or deer, having a shotgun that feels right, fits right, and gets the job done is worth its weight in turkey beards. The Mossberg 500 FLEX (base model, $519) is a pump-action shotgun that’s customizable for lots of shooting applications without the need for tools. It comes in a .12-, .20-, or even a .410-gauge youth model.

Riflescope – Mom’s keen eye can see further with a new Vortex Viper 6.5-20×50 riflescope ($699). Just like everything else Vortex makes, this scope will perform extremely well in many conditions. It hits the mark for precision, durability, and affordability. 

Gifts for Moms Who Shoot - onX Hunt

Gifts for Women Hunters Under $1,000

Compound Bow – There are several good women’s-specific bows on the market that feature shorter draw lengths, but if shopping this line of bows be mindful that you don’t sacrifice power. For that reason, onX Customer Support Specialist Sarah A. shoots, in her own words, “a man’s bow, the Mathews TX-5, designed for short draw lengths. I tried multiple women’s bows with 60-pound draws and for a short draw length I could not get the kinetic energy I wanted to harvest big game.”

Women Who Hunt - onX Hunt

Cooler – Moms are cool, and they deserve the coolest cooler. It’s hard to beat anything in the YETI world when it comes to performance iceboxes. Treat mom to a YETI V Series Stainless Steel Cooler ($800) and she’ll have the most seriously engineered cooler on the market. With kitchen-grade stainless steel and the capacity to pack 46 cans of whatever she pleases, this will be one of those gifts she’ll never forget.


Ryan Newhouse

Ryan Newhouse was raised hunting squirrels and whitetails in the deep South but has spent the last two decades chasing Western big game in Montana. He has written professionally about his travels and the craft beers he’s consumed along the way. He loves camping, fishing, boating, and teaching his two kids the art of building campfires and playing the ukulele. His great-great-uncle, Sewell Newhouse, invented the steel animal trap.