Finding Turkeys with The Hunting Public

Use these three tips from The Hunting Public to find more birds using the onX Hunt App.

Successful turkey hunting relies on many things, but a killer decoy setup and expert-level calling skills won’t help seal the deal if you can’t locate birds in the first place. To help you brush up on this essential skill, we turned to the crew at The Hunting Public. In this video, Aaron, Zach and Jake share their three fundamental elements of finding birds and how onX Hunt helps them get the job done. With tips for e-scouting from home and footage from actual hunts, the guys present a masterclass on how you can ensure that you’ll be in the right spot when dawn breaks on opening day.



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Christian Fichtel

Christian Fichtel grew up in North Carolina's Appalachian Mountains but now makes his home in rural Montana. He is a poet, a fly fisherman, and a firm believer that bourbon should be counted among mankind's greatest inventions.